What I’m Reading Around the Web 1-18-2014

What I'm Reading Around the Web (nutrition nerd version) 1-18-2014 | Healing Redefined

In addition to what I share with you on Facebook, Google +, and Twitter throughout the week, I thought you might want to know what caught my interest this week.

    • Eating more starch and drinking less water are part of my client protocols clients when we’re dealing with metabolic disorders. Lauren of Empowered Sustenance has an intriguing post on the importance of proper hydration for metabolic health.


    • Sarah from The Healthy Home Economist recently shared 101 horrifying things that doctors say. I couldn’t peel my eyeballs away until I read every last one. And now I feel dirty. And really sad.



    • Stacy & Matt of The Paleo Parents had the craziest and fun recipe up on their blog this week. Get yourself ready for Paleo Trix Cereal. It’s so awesomely wrong that I want to eat it right now. I wonder if I can make an egg-free version…



  • And one of my favorite non-nutrition nerd sites, IHeart Organizing, always has some fun little project like this storage basket beautification project. Jen is super cute and funky, and I love reading her posts even when I’m not stealing her ideas. 😀


Since I’ve been busy creating a new workshop, an eBook, studying for my board exam, homeschooling, and trying to keep the house in a somewhat reasonable shape, I haven’t had too much time to read.

What was your favorite articles or blog post from this week?

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