Vegetable Garden Update {Mayday! Mayday!}

We went outside to hang laundry yesterday, and the fresh air inspired me to take pictures for my first veggie garden update. The humble clothesline strikes again. I love that thing!

Let me tell you, we have some wonderful readers here at Healing Redefined. I received some very good advice after my last garden post and decided to buy a few plants to take a stab food production. There is now one half of one raised bed that has compost – though surely not enough – and plants. Over the next couple of weekends, we’ll work in the rest of the compost and hand till to prepare all of the beds for seeds to start the fall garden growing.

I thought I would start the plants in the semi-worked side of the bed closest to the house, and, if they showed signs of distress, move them to containers. The potted strawberry plants are leftover gift favors from Katie’s birthday party and just waiting to be claimed.

(Click on a picture to enlarge it)

You will see that I noted the red clover growing just outside of the garden bed in the bottom left corner of the above picture. Red clover is a wonderful medicinal plant, and I want to make some home remedies with it. I will also move some other medicinal herbs from my yard into the garden. It is difficult to identify and harvest them when they are always getting hacked at with the lawnmower.

The cucumbers are doing well and have grown in the last couple of weeks. They will need to be spread out and trellised by the end of the month I imagine.

Friends, my tomatoes are stressed. They are not looking so hot. I’m not sure if it is the soil or something I need to do or something I did, but they are unhappy.

Here are my sad little tomato plants. They are growing tomatoes, but the leaves are yellowing and getting scraggly. Any advice here would be much appreciated…no, really, I’m begging you. 😀 I am going to go read through all of the info I have gathered on tomato plants to brush up on the temperamental little beasties.

The red pepper plant on the other hand is my favorite new thing to grow. These sweltering 90+ degree days have it as happy as a clam. It wilts in the heat like all my plants are doing (survival mechanism), but then perks right back up once the blistering sun is off of it. An eensy teensy little pepper just started growing too. I feel like a proud mama. I highlighted it with a white circle, so you could take a peek.

Well, that’s it folks. This is how my vegetable garden adventure is starting. I’m sure I’ll look back on it when it’s second nature and laugh…one day.