Top 5 Reasons to Buy ‘A Nourished Baby’

What?! Who buys babies?! No, no, no it’s a book…but that did make me giggle a little, especially since we are looking into adopting a child soon. Anywho, Heather Dessinger aka Mommypotamus wrote a spendiferous book on how to nourish babies from pre-conception through adulthood.

Read Katie’s story to find out why this information should be passed out to everyone you know of child-bearing age.

1. Learn what the RIGHT first foods are, so food allergies and leaky gut syndrome won’t be a part of your child’s life. Find out why our standard ‘first cereal’ is so damaging to your child’s health.

2. We all could use some help in the cavity department. Did you know that you can prevent and even heal cavities? There’s an easy to understand method on how to do it. We’re working on it now.

3. The recipes! Blackened salmon with pineapple mango salsa, beef jerky, butternut squash hash, fermented apple butter, and an Orange Julius are just a few of the 40 kid-friendly recipes.

4. A chapter dedicated to raising adventurous eaters. No more PB & J and chicken nugget kids!

5. To find out why on Earth Mommypotamus fed dirt to her 6 month old (and why it was a great idea!).

(Look at that cute little stinker!)

Click here to buy the book or check out the 18-page preview to be sure it’s right for you.


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