The Humble Clothesline

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Hanging laundry to dry can be a soothing and rewarding task. I follow the FlyLady’s advice and wash a load every day, so hanging a single load to dry is not an overwhelming job.

Line-drying clothes is new for me, and I find it gives me a few minutes to stop thinking and concentrate on the task at hand. Mark from Mark’s Daily Apple talks about the importance of involuntary, or passive, thinking in his post on why we should work outsideThis is rare for me as something is always whirling around in my head. I need to work on that.

Motivational Clothes Drying

Solely by going outside to hang laundry on the clothesline yesterday, I accomplished some major tasks from my to-do list.

Miss Katie has a 4 year old’s fascination with mud and dirt, so she was happily occupied all afternoon making her ‘experiments.’ While she played, I relocated a few meandering snapdragons and added geraniums to the front flower garden.

Those poor geraniums had been patiently waiting to be planted for a couple of weeks. They surprisingly look as good as the day we brought them home.

Take note black thumb growers: you may be able to impress your friends and actually grow something. If they can survive me, you should be in the clear.

I tackled the vegetable garden next and finally moved some compost from the compost pile to mix with the overabundance of peat moss in one of the raised beds. Hand-tilling it along with some of the underlying dirt took some muscle, and I was happy that Katie quietly played while I wrestled and sweated in the hot sun.

It wasn’t done perfectly, but at least it’s done.

Katie helped me plant our new organic vegetable plants, and we now have a red bell pepper, two tomato, and four cucumber plants snuggled in and soaking up the hot June sun.

It’s not the plan for our heirloom garden, but I’m happy to have rallied enough to get some plants in thanks to great advice from some wonderful readers.

All from hanging a load of laundry in the sun.

Benefits to hanging clothes outside:

  • reduced energy bills
  • whiter whites without bleach (sunny days)
  • freshens clothing
  • vitamin D production from sun exposure (sunny days)
  • exposure to fresh air
  • opportunity for grounding or earthing, if you are barefoot and directly on the dirt or grass
  • motivation to get other outdoor tasks done
  • can be one of the most relaxing and meditative times of the day

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