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Our organic heirloom vegetable garden is here!

Baby radishes are the official start to our fall garden. Aren’t they cute little buggers?

The carrot seeds have yet to do anything, but even experienced gardeners have trouble getting them to sprout. I’m going to do some research to see if there’s anything I can do to help them along before we plant the next batch. I want carrots!

Yesterday, Katie and I planted a few lettuce seeds and we’ll start some red cabbage next week. The plantings are all a little random, but beginning gardeners are supposed to have hiccups, right? I have definitely had my fair share this season. Check it out here and here.

We just plucked our first sweet pepper. There are 4 more that will hopefully be ready to pick in a couple of weeks. Next year, we’ll definitely have a few plants of different varieties. I want to ferment some hot sauce!

The tomatoes are doing great after finally being planted a couple of weeks ago. Poor little neglected tomato plants.

I trimmed all the lower branches and planted half of the stem into the ground so each plant would grow a strong root base. Thank you Pinterest. After pulling off the suckers, Katie and I dusted the ground with seaweed before deep watering. I felt all professional like by the time we were done.

It’s a bit hard to see them in the pic, but these babies have doubled in size over the last 2 weeks and have flowers and tomatoes all over them. Yay! I hope to keep them warm during the fall so they produce a little longer and I get some of my mother-in-laws tomato sauce put up for the winter. If not, we’ll still have green tomatoes for stews and such.

Herbs are so wonderful to grow. They require almost no care and smell lovely under the hot sun or after a strong rain. We have rosemary, parsley, garden sage, spearmint, and basil keeping company here and there with the other plants in our yard.

The parsley and sage developed lovely seeds that inspired me to save them for planting next year. I hope to add them to the vegetable garden and in with the flowers that I will add to the front yard this fall.


We are now up to our noses in cucumbers. Pickles here we come! My Harsch fermenting pot is about to get a workout.

With new flowers blooming every day, it doesn’t look like we’ll run out of cucumbers anytime soon. Any favorite cucumber recipes (or links to them) in the comments would really help a mama out!