The Day My Life Changed Forever…


Katherine Lanell was born 5 years ago today. Named after my grandmothers, she truly received the best qualities of each of them and has done a miraculous job filling some very large shoes.

My bright shining star came into the world and changed it forever.

The suffering she went through while I furiously poured through website after website looking for an answer to her never-ending bellyaches, pain after eating, and inability to sleep still makes my heart ache. [Katie’s story]

And yet, she has led us on this journey with so much love, acceptance, and understanding that I feel humbled to be in her life and even more so to be her mother.



Her sweet spirit and generous nature touches everyone she meets, and her quirky humor ensures the smile lasts the day.

There’s no going back once you’ve met my Katie.

DSC_0011 (3)


Happy birthday my love. I am truly blessed to be your mother.kt_2


6 thoughts on “The Day My Life Changed Forever…”

  • I loved this post … I have a young one and I love posts like these! Katie is too darn cute! *~*~*~*~*~* Happy Birthday Katie *~*~*~*~*~*~

  • Happy Birthday sweet girl. Thank you for sharing your story. I really needed to hear this today. It’s been a very hard day watching my child be left our of a school celebration because of his illness. Very sad ADULTS can do that to children. Thank goodness for these support groups and websites. Our children are such a blessing.

    • That is heartbreaking. We are homeschooling, and there are so many reasons I’m grateful that my daughter loves it. Give your little bunny an extra hug for me today.

      • Thank you! I have given him extra love these last few weeks. I wish I had it in me to homeschool. Is it hard?

        I’m going back to school myself in September, to become an FDN so I can really help my family get as healthy as we can. I’m sick of the fact we can’t get the correct medical help these days. I’m not going to sit back and wait for the Doctor’s to catch up. I know I have Celiac, but because I will not poison my body and eat gluten, I will never get the diagnoses I deserve. I would be sick for months if I ate any grains. I did that in January and I will never put my body through that again.

        I have meet amazing people online, in support groups, blogs, and health summits that have really taught me a lot. All any of us wants is our families to be healthy.

        Thank you so much for all you do. Together with all the other blogs out there we will make a difference.

        Take care,

        • Though it’s challenging to balance the time and figure out their learning styles, I find that it fits much better into the rhythm of the day. I love watching Katie learn and grow and develop and don’t feel like I’m missing out on any part of her life like I did when she attended preschool for part of her third year. She gets enough sleep; there’s no fighting to get her into bed fast enough; mornings are gentle instead of stressed and rushed; and she is able to spend the day learning how she wants and what she wants.

          There are days when I would trade just about anything for a quiet day, but I wouldn’t trade homeschooling her for the world. It is definitely the right decision for us.

          If you need resources and testimonials, they are thankfully all over the world wide web. I have found many free printable worksheets and guides. We generally practice unschooling right now while Katie is young, so a trip to the park to learn about how grass grows, the directions we use to get there, and what happens to the fish in the lake when it freezes over is more valid to me than learning to count to 100. It all happens as it’s meant to and she’s learning it all without a schedule.

          I get a little carried away on the subject. 🙂

          Good luck with your FDN certification! Holistic health is a wonderful field, and we could use all of the knowledgeable and caring people that we can find to join the field. It is certainly a very worthy cause and you will love it.

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