Customized Real Food Meal Plans  

Always listen to your instinct, right?

For the past few weeks, the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol and I have crossed paths pretty regularly. Since I don’t have an autoimmune disorder, I didn’t pay much attention and filed the idea away for future client use.

And then this happened…


It’s a pumpkin spice cake with gingersnap crust (pumpkin pie in my book) and you can get the recipe here.  I’m eating a piece as I write this.

This one little recipe brought me officially into the AIP protocol, AIP being Auto Immune Protocol. I took one look at the recipe and was shocked – shocked – that we could eat every ingredient.

I had to know more.

The Autoimmune Paleo Protocol

It turns out that the revolutionary(!) modifications I made to the GAPS Diet already have their own following.

Though my head deflated a few sizes, I am really excited that there are so many resources out there. I no longer have to continuously reinvent the wheel.

The AIP Protocol avoids —

[list is from]

  • Eggs (especially the whites)
  • Nuts
  • Seeds (including cocoa, coffee and seed-based spices)
  • Nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, sweet and hot peppers, cayenne, red pepper, tomatillos, goji berries etc. and spices derived from peppers, including paprika)
  • Potential Gluten Cross-Reactive Foods
  • Fructose consumption in excess of 20g per day
  • Alcohol
  • NSAIDS (like aspirin or ibuprofen)
  • Non-nutritive sweeteners (including stevia)
  • Emulsifiers, thickeners, and other food additives

The only things that give me pause are potatoes and coffee. Potatoes because we love them and feel good eating them, and coffee because I have been a slave to the java monster in recent months.

Katie is restricted by many of these foods already, and hubby has insulin-resistance and Gluten Intolerance. My Achilles heel is that I’ve gained 10 pounds since July (midterms + finals = insane stress) and am perpetually swollen by the foods we’re eating.

After Katie and I had an unexpected food reaction last night, I am ready to throw down the gauntlet and take another step forward. It is time for a Change.

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

I was lucky enough to have a copy of The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook on hand from one of our past book bundles (those things come in handy) and have nothing more to do to get started than print shopping lists & meal plans, make some minor ingredient adjustments, and cook.

This cookbook has two full 4 week meal plans, shopping lists, tips for batch cooking, and more than 110 recipes without grains, beans, dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds, or nightshades – including spices.

And the recipes are BEAUTIFUL.

Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook - braised short ribs

See that ingredients list? It’s so allergy-friendly that it makes me misty.

Why This May Be Right for You

In my practice, diet, digestion, and blood sugar handling are the first steps in any healing protocol.

If you are following the AIP protocol, you’re about 95% there with diet and blood sugar handling. Digestion often requires a little extra assistance, but you have my healing digestion series to help guide you.

Many people can heal without seeing a practitioner, and that’s a prayer answered when your pocketbook is squeezed to its limit.

Not to say that practitioners aren’t helpful. My nutritional therapy clients see the benefit of targeted nutrient supplements and complementary therapies that speed healing and reduce stress to the body as it heals. I’m also there for emotional support & encouragement and to answer the many questions that come up during a healing protocol.

Anywho, I’ve partnered up with Mickey of the Autoimmune Paleo blog to offer you some help.

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook is available for only $19.

That gives you 8 weeks of meal plans with shopping lists and more than 110 recipes to guide you through the most effective nutrient-dense elimination diet I have ever used.

Join me and watch many of your symptoms and nagging pains disappear.

Click here to buy it now.