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A Hope for Surviving Cancer -- Mesothelioma: Heather's StoryHeather Von St. James was a 36 year old woman with a 3 month old daughter when she was dealt a crushing blow. She had cancer.

Pleural mesothelioma was her official diagnosis.

A fast-moving cancer of the chest, often associated with prolonged asbestos exposure, it is often fatal within a year.


Heather heroically beat this diagnosis and has been cancer-free since 2006.

Her husband contacted me and I was so inspired by her beautiful story that I knew I had to share it. She now spends her time spreading encouraging and awareness for those battling difficult and life-altering situations and illnesses.

I also hope that it inspires you to seek holistic treatment to help heal from this disease that now touches almost half of the population.

I have lost 3 grandparents to deaths directly caused by conventional medical cancer treatments – all after remission – and am not an advocate of them. The devastation that it wreaked and the raw loss in my life was one of the main catalysts to me pursuing a career in holistic healing.

Well-renown alternative health cancer treatments to explore

Some bodies respond well to starvation of animal products for cancers that feed off of nutrients, and others require an intense influx of nutrients to strengthen the immune system; these treatment approaches cover the various treatments based on our bodies unique needs.

Gerson Institute



Dr. Thomas Cowan


Cannabis Oil

Though this may be a controversial treatment option, it is by far the most successful treatment I have heard of.

Over and over, I receive stories of fathers, friends, husbands, mothers, and friends who have been touched by cancer and have made a full recovery thanks to the healing powers of cannabis oil.

Though the government has not officially claimed it as a conventional treatment for cancer, the leading cancer organizations have studied it for many uses and admit promising results.

article listing 20 medical studies proving its effectiveness – National Cancer Institute

American Cancer Society

Watch Heather’s story here —

Have hope. Be inspired. Love life.

To learn more about Heather’s journey, visit her blog.