Summer Defies Routines

What is it about summer that makes me unable to stick to a routine? I have been avoiding anything that remotely feels like one and choosing to put together meals of whatever inspires me at that exact moment (eating a lot of raw food consequently), cleaning haphazardly instead of following my normal schedule, feeling restricted by the thought of writing a whole blog post, and generally flying by the seat of my pants. I’ve never noticed the pattern before but summer must be a time to indulge my soul and let it fly free. It’s not something I have much time for anymore being an adult, wife, and mom to a three year old. I’ve been working on taking care of myself more – exercising, resting, taking time for to enjoy the things I like to do, trying to eat well though my body rebelled at the ultra-nourishing foods til the cold snap last week -. It’s helping a lot. I have been balking lately at the restrictions of GAPS. I added grains and some packaged foods back into Katie’s and my diet just before and while we were in Las Vegas for my brother’s wedding at the end of August. I needed the ease and we weren’t much into eating meat and cooked veggies without the light and easy foods – cold cereal, gluten-free pretzels, rice and quinoa pasta, oatmeal, squeezable applesauce, etc. -. Katie’s bellyaches continue but come and go so are often frustratingly inconsisent with the foods she’s eating. We are definitely not ready to get off the diet yet. Now that the weather’s on it’s way to cooperating with GAPS intro, we’ll be starting it by the end of the month or soon thereafter. I’ll post on that once we are about to start and continue with daily posts through intro.

Hopefully, we are back to our regularly scheduled blogging…next up is my first day spa review (witch doctor style)!

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