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Smarter Halloween Treats

Halloween is coming! Let’s have some fun.

Many of you know that I’m all about food that is easy to prepare. If a recipe requires too many steps or too many ingredients, out it goes.

Since many of you share my love of in-and-out kitchen tasks, I thought I would round up some Halloween treats that are easy to make and won’t chain you to the kitchen for an entire day.

If you are fond of channeling Betty Crocker and Julia Child, then I happily accept donations…especially chocolate ones.

Stick around and I’ll also share what’s in our cauldron for the trick-or-treaters. No homemade goods there. Those get tossed first by conscientious parents, including me.

I am really excited to try this 3 Ingredient Maple Pecan Candy. Anything caramel-ey and pecan-ey gets a big thumbs up in my book.  Homemade Mommy has made me very happy yet again (and not just because she’s my bud).

Paleo Pumpkin Butter Cups by Civilized Caveman Cooking look like expensive chocolates from a specialty store but again meet my criteria for quick and easy. Win. Win.

If these are as good as they look, they’re going on my Christmas menu too.

Paleo Pumpkin Butter Cups

The homemade apple dips by Primally Inspired are a must for any homemade treat list.

Apple dips are always a huge hit at my house year-round.

Coconut Almond Candy Bars by Girl Meets Nourishment. Almond Joys are still my hands-down my favorite candy bars, and some days I miss them like crazy. These will be mine!


These are the most awesomely gross homemade gummy worms I have every seen by Oh! Lardy. Kids everywhere are going to squeal with glee when you whip these out.

Though we still limit eggs around here and Katie is citrus-free, I had to share this refreshing Candy Corn Parfait. Though the name kind of throws you, it looks deliciously light.

I think I’m going to try it with some elderberry juice and frozen blueberries. Yum.

Here’s what I always pass out to trick-or-treaters

YummyEarth Organic Lollipops* (are only 9 cents each in the 5 lb bag)

and an extra non-candy treat like glow stick bracelets*

(*affiliate links)

You would not believe how popular the non-candy treats are. I had bags of extra candy the first year we did it, just in case it was a flop. We ran out of the little Halloween whistles way before we ran out of candy (and it was the ‘good’ candy bars back then too).

And for anyone that has overdone it on the treats this year, here are some homeopathic remedies to try. You’re welcome tired and frazzled parents of spaztastic children.