Rotation Diet Menu Plan, Week of 4/30-5/4

Weekends are crazy and usually not spent at home, so we haven’t been following the menu plan for those days. I decided to only plan Monday through Friday to see if that suits our needs any better and enables us to still stick with a rotation diet. I’ll keep some convenience foods on hand for rushing around. Things like Applegate Farm roasted turkey breast, dates, and potato chips make it easy to have a snack in the car no matter what our hectic schedule is. I may even add garbanzo beans to the list for a couple of weeks. Katie’s digesting them well and they’re at the top of her favorite foods list again.

Menu planning only took me a couple of hours this week – instead of four – , so I know I’m making progress with incorporating one into my routine. I feel like such a mom when I make one. 🙂 Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll start to phase out grains again. I may add soaked lentils and garbanzo beans to fill some of the holes. It’s HARD to find enough foods in early spring to fill all of those little squares. I can’t wait until local, organic produce is abundant again.

Happy planning everyone!

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