Rotation Diet Menu Plan 5/29-6/1

This week has a short menu due to Memorial Day. Only planning a menu for the days hubby is at work has been working out well. Once I start working on a strict budget to pay off our debt – soon – , I will have to plan all of our meals, so we don’t splurge on snacks while we’re out on the weekends. I’ll cook and package everything ahead of time (with all that spare time I have hanging around) for easy meals in or out of the house. I have too much going to start it just now. Once my spring/summer to do list gets whittled down and the garden requires less attention, I’ll give it a go. Pulling grains out again will be easier when summer hits and we’re in the full growing season. One step at a time, right?
Happy menu planning everyone! Have you started menu planning yet? Are you a veteran and have any tips for us newbies?

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