Rotation Diet Meal Plan Wk of 6/4-6/8 (and a note on the new budget)

This week’s meal plan almost didn’t happen with all of the busyness of the last few days and catching some type of weird bug. With our new budget system and a determination to use up what’s in the house, I pushed myself to take an inventory of the fridge, freezer, and pantry and whipped up my meal plan with that in mind. Whipped up. Ha! It must have looked like pea soup in my brain yesterday with all of the brain fog. It took me from yesterday midday until just now to complete it. We are pretty well stocked up, so the only food shopping will be a quick trip to trader Joe’s for about $30 of produce.

“a quick trip to Trader Joe’s for about $30 of produce” This may sound like an ordinary statement to you, but I have never planned how much to spend at the grocery store. Even with budgets in the past, I have tried to limit my list and then hoped for the best. Budgeting my grocery shopping trip makes me feel like such a suburban housewife. I noticed there was extra money in my grocery envelope allocated for this pay period, so I set aside $30 for produce and put the rest toward debt. I approximated how much each item costs and only added those to the list that fit in my budget. I love this new way of money management! Now to figure out how to get the 1/4 cow and 1/2 hog to fit within next week’s budget when it gets here. Yikes.

This post is part of  Eating From the Pantry and Freezer Challenge: Week 4.

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