Reversing Diabetes World Summit

Can you imagine what it would feel like to help yourself, mom, dad, husband (or wife) reverse Type 2 diabetes? I can tell you firsthand that it feels pretty amazing.

I helped my husband reverse his diagnosis before I knew anything about holistic medicine. His blood test results show that he is no longer hyperglycemic; not diabetic, not even pre-diabetic.

Knowing that the father of my children no longer has an elevated chance of heart disease, eye problems, and liver damage is truly priceless.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Preventing, controlling, and reversing Type 2 Diabetes can be done. No advanced degree needed.

…though it helps to learn from those who have them. The good ones really know their stuff.

The Reversing Diabetes World Summit starts today and will give you everything you need to know to reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

I don’t promote many free summits, but this is one is worth your time.

Blood sugar issues are a big focus in my practice (you can’t balance hormones, reverse adrenal fatigue, or correct digestion without it), so I recommend everyone check it out.

Plus, it’s free. Why wouldn’t you?

A conference like this can cost more than $1000. Factor in travel, hotel, car, and food makes free is a pretty spectacular price.

And you can wear yoga pants to this one.

I’ve been working with Dr. Brian Mowll over the last few weeks in preparation, and I’m impressed with his level of commitment and the level of expertise that will be presented over the next 12 days.

Here’s What You’ll Learn —

  • The five most important things to focus on when trying to reverse diabetes
  • How to cut through the nutrition confusion and find the optimal diet for you to prevent, control, and reverse diabetes
  • The most effective forms of exercise for blood sugar control and the most common pitfalls to avoid
  • How to break cravings for sugar and carbs, eliminate night-time eating habits, and stick with a healthy eating plan for life
  • What tests that you must have to find the root cause of diabetes or pre-diabetes and how to interpret the results
  • What really causes diabetes and what you need to do to prevent or reverse it
  • The secrets to losing weight with diabetes that really work, even when you’ve tried and failed in the past
  • How sleep and stress affect blood sugar and what to do about it

Click here to sign up and join me. I’ll be listening and taking notes right along with you.

 Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Summit

Who’s Who in the Reversing Diabetes Summit
  • Mark Hyman, MD, 7-time NY Times best-selling author will be sharing his 5 steps to reverse type 2 diabetes.
  • Jonny Bowden, PhD, best-selling author of The Great Cholesterol Myth will discuss whether cholesterol really matters and the importance of healthy fats.
  • David Perlmutter, MD, NY Times best-selling author of Grain Brain will talk about the brain-diabetes connection and how insulin resistance can lead to type 3 diabetes.
  • Izabella Wentz, PharmD, the Thyroid Pharmacist, will go over the thyroid-diabetes connection and some important tests to run that your doctor may have skipped.
  • David Mendosa, popular online diabetes blogger shares his story with type 2 diabetes and how he was able to bring his A1c down from 14.4 to 5.7 and maintain it without medication.
  • Tom O’Bryan, DC, DABCN will share his insights about gluten and the connection to type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

And the list goes on and on… You’ll also see some favorites like Mark Sisson, Chris Kresser, and JJ Virgin.

Learn more about the Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Summit

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  • To whom this may concern,

    I have searched far and wide for a cure to type 2 diabetes. I was diagnosed at 23. Now, I am 32 and my feet are going numb and I’ve had laser surgery and injections in my eyes. I can’t continue like this. I need help. I’m dieting, working out, and most of the time, my BG numbers are fine, but only with Metformin, a natural supplement I get at a local health food store, exercise, and eating like a turtle. I’ve been told this is a chronic condition that will eventually take my life, but I refuse to believe that. I know the stats. I know that a diagnosis at the age of 23 for type 2 was unheard of when I was born. Now it happens all the time. I know that it seems to coincide with the change from sugar to corn syrup, butter to margerine, organic to processed or genetically tampered with, and so on. A friend of mine just pointed me to this site. I will be a test subject for any dietary plan that may work to reverse this disease. Please help…


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