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Thank you very much to everyone who participated and showed their support for Proposition 37!

Proposition 37, The Vote Draws Near

The vote for Prop 37 in California is in 2 days and greatly affects the future of our food. It not only requires the labeling of all genetically-modified foods in groceries (pretty much no labeling of foods that don’t carry nutrition labels like restaurant food).

If you are one of the more than 90% of Americans who want to know what’s in your food, be proactive and spread the word! My preferred method is with a positive, understanding attitude and facts to counteract every argument against it. The whole ‘bees to honey’ mentality is much more my style.

Just the Facts Ma’am

  • 61 other countries already require this labeling
  • It is estimated to cost between $0.01-$0.03 per year for California residents to enact the change – most likely, companies like Monsanto will look to using non-GMO foods so they don’t have to label the foods; and that’s where their major costs will come in
  • ‘Big Ag’ Corporations are the only ones fighting the new law and paying big bucks to alter our perceptions with scare tactics — they are even having to retract many of their statements and ad campaigns for outright lies

Who’s Paying for the Anti-Labeling Campaign?

  • Monsanto more than $18.1 MILLION 
  • DuPont more than $5.4 MILLION
  • Pepsi more than $2.4 MILLION
  • BASF (world’s leading chemical company) $2 MILLION
  • Bayer $2 MILLION
  • Syngenta (specialized chemicals company which markets seeds and pesticides) $2 MILLION
  • Coca-Cola more than $1.4 MILLION
  • Nestle more than $1.4 MILLION
  • ConAgra Foods more than $1.2 MILLION


Take a look at these for further information:

A video on the “experts” against Prop 37 by Dr. Mercola

A Child’s Perspective from CNN (

I loved this article from The New York Times (

And California’s Right To Know organization who is leading the charge