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I love, love, love my job. Thanks to my training and your important input, we can learn and grow to help people struggling with health issues who would otherwise struggle to find answers. Like me.

This conversation on my Facebook page has been so helpful with a recent issue that was stressing. me. out. Because I’m so inspired – and RELIEVED -, I wanted to share the conversation.

It’s a little messy, but, if I don’t spit it out as is, I’ll never find the time to share it. If you have any thoughts or ideas of your own, please share them in the comments at the bottom of the post!

I’ll be researching this carefully and will address it in a future blog post if it works like I hope it will.

20 something allergies
18 hrs ·

Can I pick your brains? My daughter is having a very rough time right now getting her words out.

I thought it was an allergic reaction to us not rotating our foods enough recently, but she has no other symptoms and I’m getting very frustrated that I can’t relieve it.

Do you have any remedies or insight into how to relieve or reverse it?

She said that it feels like there’s a maze in her head, and she can’t get the words out. While she’s trying, she nods and makes noises to try to force them out.

She’s almost 6, has no neurological deficiencies, and has never shown signs before, but my mom just told me that she’s always felt like the same (though it’s not obvious that she has any issues).

In case you’re not familiar with my site or family, we do not eat any processed foods, chemicals, pesticides, or food additives, seeds, or grains except for white rice. We also avoid all common allergen (dairy, gluten, soy, corn, etc.) and many more.

We have also been working on gut healing for a few years now with good results.

Thank you so much in advance for any advice you have!

  • Katie Azara Lyme disease?
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  • Erin Slykhouse Could it be mercury toxicity? Does she eat a lot of fish?
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  • Jack Boersema Is she drinking enough water, preferably Kangen -alkaline, ionized water. Magnesium def might affect nerve message travel
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  • Alina Hernandez Bice Autism?
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  • Rouba El-Ali you probably should get her checked anyway… while you can control the stuff you eat and in your house, you cannot control external factors like pollution for example… when I worked in LA I would constantly get sick, sometimes at night I feel like I am paralyzed, I get flu symptoms and major ear & throat pain… I go to the dr. and everything is ok… blood test is ok etc… I finally couldn’t take it & left LA 2 years ago… I haven’t had any issues since… I haven’t even gotten a cold since then…
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  • Julie Inman That happens to me if my B-12 drops too low.
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  • Rindy Brandt When we slacked on giving my speech delayed kids fish oil for a while, we noticed the difference. When we resumed the fish oil the speech progress picked back up. Good luck!
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  • Heather Rosemergy Robinson vocal tics? my son has some. sounds similar.
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  • Julie Williams Bazzell As an educator, I can tell you that autism shows up well before 6. This happened to my daughter; each fall from the time she was 3 until she was 10, she would develop a tic (her first one was a similar speech issue). Since she hit adolescence, they have become regular and frequent. Initially, she was diagnosed with transient tic disorder. Apparently, it is a fairly common thing, related to brain development and they very often out grow it. I would consult a good pediatric neurologist if your research leads you to believe this is a possibility.
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  • Heather Dockery I’m borderline dyslexic and sometimes it feels this way I laugh it off when I mess up a word. do lots of small word puzzles, read out loud and point as you do it, and encourage her to write or if you can get her a recorder to get the thoughts out. I’m so thankful when I was struggling my mom set me up with a tutor and then went over what the tutor had done. also she’s 6 so its kind of common for kids to struggle with everything they’re learning
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  • Linda Graffius Dehydration? I would take her to the Dr.
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  • Holly Reason Anderson  I don’t know if they still go through developmental spurts at this age, but when my boys are going through any kind of growth or developmental stage, their speech is the first to suffer. It then goes back to normal (but they are younger). 

    I, personally, wouldn’t jump to drastic conclusions, especially if this is a new thing and nothing like this seems to have happened before. Is she in school? Maybe she’s learning something new that’s occupying her mind? 

    You can have her evaluated by a speech pathologist at school, and even if you homeschool, you can still get treatment through the public school (in my state anyways).
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  • Michelle Valdes I don’t have anything to add, really, but the vocal tic thing that some mentioned would make sense. My son started physical tics when he was 6/7 and they went away after a year – it started right after we started the GAPS diet, so I thought maybe it was something to do with healing/detoxing. Apparently, tics in children about that age are very common, and most go away on their own around a year later. If you figure it out, I’d love to know.
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  • Lauren Herrell If you’re really worried, you can get a consult from a speech pathologist, but these disfluencies are not uncommon among developing brains! Little minds tend to be able to produce thoughts a lot faster than their brain can send the signals to their mouth- that’s why a lot of kids will stutter (but without serious speech impediments or long-term effects).
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  • Melissa Cotton Womack In my experience this can be low blood sugar. I have similar issues when grain free and not keeping carbs high enough. Give her a spoonful of honey or some raisins when this is happening and see if it improves. Would be a simple and harmless experiment.
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  • Melissa Chapman Keaster Try the Morter March. You can buy a DVD, but it’s basically marching around with opposite leg and hands, keeping the limbs straight. The arms need to swing above the head. Have her do it a few minutes each day and see if that helps.
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  • Rachel Gee My son had something similar at that age. He is 14 now, and smart as a whip making excellent grades at school. He is very social now, where as before, he wasn’t. At the age of 3, we found out the hard way that he was anaphylactic allergic to nuts/penicillin and any cousin to it. At the age of 5 or 6, he started to have bowel problems galore. Went wheat/gluten free. Symptoms improved. He was able to “pattern” things at school better. At the age of 10, he began to get sick w more bowel problems and had his share of being sick quite often. We didnt change his diet until the age of 12. We added pH alkaline water, juiced carrots/apples, enzymes, probiotics, omegas, […]. These helped drive toxins out of my sons body and balanced him out. Without the oils, zyto scans, supplements, and a pure diet, I’m sure he would still be struggling. It’s very scary to watch our children suffer. The hardest part is figuring it all out. It’s been years, but I feel very confident that we are finally on the road to excellent health. Physically, mentally, and spiritually. Pray you’re able to find the source. Just had to share what we have found that works best for us.
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  • Corrie Thomas Stromberg I notice a difference in my one year old when she gets broth / meat / fat in her food and when she doesn’t. she seems much “quicker” and tries to talk much more when she gets animal fat / meat/ broth.
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  • Brianna Cooper A supplement called Morinda, the is really just daydreamed and powdered noni friut helped my with this same symptom, which in my case was caused by Lyme Disease
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  • April Shaner My older children experienced this to varying degrees about this age. It was something they basically outgrew as they became more confident with their verbal skills and expression. There is a huge development milestone happening at this age and processing and breaking can be tricky. I taught my middle child (who is very high energy) to slow down by using “yoga breathing” and it helped. Now they are 14 and 11 and very articulate and intelligent. I hope this helps. I don’t discredit any of the other theories, this is just my personal experience, Jennifer Nervo.
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  • Irene Adamson Try some coconut oil by the spoonfull. It helps with Alzheimer’s. Maybe she just needs some good Omegas.
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  • 20 something allergies Thank you everyone for your ideas! They’re very, very helpful and have helped me clarify some avenues to pursue.

    I’m starting with increasing her cod liver oil intake, increased digestive support overall while her body is under extra stress, salt lamp therapy (it instantly makes her happy and she’s been glued to it for the last 2 hours), and upped her B vitamin foods starting with a big batch of nettle tea.

    She has started calming down a bit and feels less frustrated as soon as we started with the salt lamp. She also got very flushed and sleepy.

    Tomorrow, we’ll start working on her brain associations to help her brain work through this. She’s really jumped ahead in her drawing skills and has been really into learning to read and write right now, so I’m happy to have reassurances that I most likely just need to support her with learning help and nutrient support.
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  • Natasha Borukhova-Botier I have been following your site and Facebook. No advice her just hope u get answers soon and keep us updated . Good luck
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  • Camala Fowler It’s possible she is having an allergic reaction to something she is eating – I find when I take amino acids or gelatin or drink too much bone broth (or anything containing too many free glutamates) I develop this horrible multi-symptom problem including horrible brain fog, becoming kind of trapped in my own head, moodiness, and terrible tension headaches. Those kinds of foods and supplements can often be seen in the paleo world as ‘good for us’ but for some us eating those foods can cause a multitude of problems. There was the mom recently who ‘cured’ her daughter’s autism by removing free glutamates. If she’s eating a lot of those kinds of things (gelatins/broths, etc) it might be worth backing up on to see if it helps. Good luck – I hope you can get it worked out!
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  • Charmian Lonnen Dyslexia maybe….possibly very mild….or mild autism, although this tends to be accompanied by anxiety and some other behaviours. Sounds like you’ve got all the dietary areas covered, so I’d be looking into having an assessment done, just in case there is an issue. It also could be like a temporary stutter which some kids go through as they are thinking quicker than than can get the words out and it all gets a little muddled, in this case just slowing down speech could help or get the help of a speech therapist. Good luck
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  • Joanne Sparkle Apraxia?
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  • Joanne Sparkle See a speech therapist and ask about dyspraxia
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  • 20 something allergies You guys have blown my mind! Blog post to come once I test my theories. 

    I gave Katie whey protein isolate for a few days and then switched to hydrolyzed gelatin in smoothies. We’ve also been eating more pork than usual, and I just added a new gut healing supplement with high amounts of L-glutamine.

    With a high amount of glutamates/glutamine, lack of co-factors (mainly B vitamins), and likely slight dehydration, it’s a recipe for a build up of certain amino acids causing an imbalance in her cells and intracellular fluid that the body cannot process.

    I’m removing pork and all sources of high glutamate foods – avocados, gelatin, broth (which we don’t do too often), L-glutamine (gut healing supplement), and fermented foods temporarily until it clears up.

    Let’s hope this is the answer! If so, it will help a lot of people including our precious children who struggle with doctors and conventional methods of therapy without much luck.
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