The Most Simple, Natural, and Effective Deodorant You Will Ever Use

The Most Simple, Natural, and Effective Deodorant You Will Ever Use

There I was, in the bathroom. Staring into the mirror and wondering if I was tipping the scales into crazy or if I was about to embark on a whole new level of awesome…

…with a lemon wedge in my hand.

The only one around was my giggling 6 year old, so I really had nothing to lose. My homemade deodorant and pregnancy hormones weren’t playing nice, and I had developed an itchy rash from using it.

After a day of cleaning and ‘glowing’, now was as good of a time as any.

I rubbed a lemon wedge on my underarms and waited for something to happen.


We’re Having A …



Baby Luca Announcement


It’s time to even the score around here. Daddy will have a son, and we’ll be reproductively tied 3 to 3 for the occupants of Chez Nervo.

Well, except for poor Smokey cat. He’s been neutered.

Originally hoping for another girl, we’re all on Cloud 9 about our little Luca who will join us via homebirth in frosty January.


Stop the Self-Pity: How to Feel Good about Your Healing Diet (a personal testimonial)

Stop the Self-Pity: How to Feel Good about Your Healing Diet (a personal testimonial)

Note from Jennifer: Today’s wonderful story comes from a friend and client who is one of my favorite writers.

She understands the emotional ups and downs and heartbreak that can come with removing food […]

Eating Starches for Adrenal Health

Eating Starches for Adrenal Health (fried plantains)

It’s dark and gloomy here, and I’m in my jammies (because I’m professional like that). If you’re lucky, you are too. Let’s sit down and have a chat about one of the ‘secrets’ of my nutritional therapy practice. 

One of the things I find myself repeatedly saying to people is that our energy centers need to be supported during gut healing. 

But what does that mean?

So often, I hear the story that someone read a slew of articles or very popular book and decided to cut starches and grains from their diet to heal a leaky gut. They are now dealing with significant – or severe – adrenal hypofunction and usually accompanying thyroid hypofunction. 

  • cold extremities
  • inner trembling
  • increased brain fog
  • moderate to severe fatigue

are just a few of the most common symptoms of the stress to these all-important glands.

It puts massive strain on the body and can easily cause full adrenal fatigue. Pardon my phrasing but “die off” my butt. Die off is such a small part of the healing process that this one irks me…a lot.


How I Use Lavender Essential Oil

How I use Lavender Essential OIl - Young Living Lavender Field Lavender is the essential oil I recommend most when people come to me for suggestions. It is the most well-rounded oil for supporting the body. Have a scrape? Use Lavender oil. It helps to support the immune system. Bug bite? This study suggests that it may inhibit the release of histamine. Kid climbing the walls? LAVENDER STAT! It’s great for relaxation and supporting the nervous system. Katie loves it, so it’s my most used oil for my kiddo.

How I use Lavender essential oil


I’m lucky enough to be destined for a kitchen burn almost every time I cook (I did it again last night). Apply a drop of lavender right away and all the pain and redness are gone within 20 minutes. If only I had known about it when I burned my stomach with the iron. Don’t ask. […]