Nutritional Therapy Plus

designing nutritional protocols for your unique biochemistry & lifestyle


We’re all different. Our lives, experiences, the way our bodies work. That means that the holistic protocol that works for your partner or friend likely won’t work for you. If you and your colleague both have Type 2 diabetes and eat the same foods, you’ll still have different needs due to your generational inheritance, where you were born and grew up, where you’ve worked and played, and your unique emotional and physical makeup.

Your protocol will meet your specific needs. We’ll test supplements, remedies, and/or foods with the function of your body to see if they’re the right fit (no guessing). The foods you’ll eat are geared toward your preferences, lifestyle, how your body is functioning, and your nutrient deficiencies. Plus, any complementary holistic therapies are matched to what will most support you.

what is nutritional therapy plus?

Nutritional Therapy Plus (NT+) is a powerful combination of nutritional therapy, therapeutic aromatherapy, flower essences remedies, emotional release techniques, and other complementary holistic modalities.

With my exclusive program, Nutritional Therapy Plus (NT+), we use a combination of non-invasive methods to determine dysfunction – or weakness – and nutrient deficiencies in the body. This allows us to find and address the root cause(s) of your issues rather than chase symptoms til the cows come home. It also makes it more cost effective than relying on volumes of lab tests that don’t always give the whole picture and supplements that may or may not be the right fit.

Jennifer nervo

nutritional therapy practitioner, certified aromatherapist, reiki master practitioner & teacher

We trust your body’s own innate intelligence to find the right nutrients – food or supplements. Lingual neuro testing uses your ‘inner physician’ to tell us exactly what your body needs for support to heal itself and helps us best create a plan for short-term supplementation that works synergystically in the body.

We then create your personalized protocol using a nutrient-dense diet tailored to your food preferences and any allergies, aversions, or intolerances. We take that a little further to include stress relief techniques and suggestions to reduce stressors in your life, therapeutic aromatherapy, flower essences, reiki and emotional release techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help with food cravings, unhealthy patterns, and traumas.

Nutritional therapy plus can help if...

Your body doesn't function like it should

you prefer whole body wellness approaches

you're tired of chasing the next big 'thing'

you want a personal approach

foundational healing


Healing begins with the proper break down and absorption of nutrients. Gut dysfunction is the root of many (seemingly) unrelated symptoms and syndromes.

So far, all clients have experienced a significant reduction in their digestive symptoms in the first 30 days.

blood sugar balance

Balancing high, low, or fluctuating blood sugar levels creates sustained energy levels and is the foundation to endocrine health (hormones).

Healthy glucose levels happens quickly with the right foods and nutrient support whether you have Type 2 Diabetes or struggle with reactive hypoglycemia.


Your body will naturally be able to release stored toxins (including heavy metals and candida) during the healing process. We strengthen and support your body where it needs assistance using time-proven means.

There is no forced detox through pills, shakes, or that involve drinking strange combinations of ingredients.

stress relief

These gentle additions to your lifestyle create a better healing environment and work to keep you sane.

There are many techniques to choose from and a combination will be added to your protocol based on your bioindividual needs.


You need energy to build, maintain, and heal every part of your body. Supporting the body's energy production is key to healing.

Increasing the body's energy all the way down to the subcellular mitochondial level is a significant focus of mine.

body system support

While we function on the foundations and the body begins to heal on all levels, we provide extra support as needed.

Cardiovascular, immune, endocrine, respiratory, and musculoskeletal systems all respond to a foundational healing approach.

how it works


  • Health History
  • Comprehensive Set of symptom questionnaires designed to read the body's responses to stress and stressors
  • Functional Evaluation (clothes on physical exam & reflex testing)
  • Lingual Neuro Testing to pinpoint any supplements that your body needs (max 2-3); we can also test any supplements you currently take

personalized protocol

  • Personalized diet designed for maximum nutrient density, lifestyle, and food preferences (no calorie restricted diets!)
  • Natural and gentle detoxification support
  • Targeted short-term nutrient supplementation
  • Custom aromatherapy or flower essences blends as needed
  • Complementary holistic modalities
  • Step by step support and guidance - You are NOT in this alone!


  • Check Ins (remote or in-office) + email support
  • Protocol adjustments as your body's needs change
  • Updated testing and reports to monitor progress

reiki and/or

emotional-energetic release techniques

  • Reiki treatment sessions included for overall balance and increases the body's ability to heal itself
  • Each session also includes comprehensive emotional release support that may rapidly speed your rate of healing
  • Depending on level of comfort with energy healing, Emotional release work can be substituted.

i see you.

My childhood was a blur of Benadryl and Calomine lotion. Fast forward through cystic acne, anxiety and panic attacks, fatigue, mood swings, sleep issues, the Epstein-Barr virus (mono), too many missed school & work days, and a bucketful of doctors and specialists that I was fed up with. I couldn’t take their medications without feeling worse, and I was perfectly ‘normal’ according to my lab tests (including my off the charts allergy reactions). it was time to change my path.

Becoming a mother just shy of my 30th birthday in 2008 was the miracle event that literally changed my life. When my daughter was diagnosed with colic and acid reflux at 3 weeks old, I refused to let her repeat my cycle. Thousands of hours of worried-mom-FBI-worthy research, a hefty dose of Divine intervention, and wonderful training programs took me on a new journey and showed me that my weaknesses were designed to create compassion, understanding, and the drive to push through the barriers of conventional understanding. Breaking the cycle has completely changed our story.

Now, I’m here to help you change yours.