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This is finally my year to plant and harvest a full garden.

Last year was, well, let’s call it a bit of a learning curve. You can read about some of the misadventures and misfits here. I did manage to prove that anyone can grow food though. :snicker:

Today, we planted our first full garden box. I feel such a sense of accomplishment!

Starting with the Base

We started with moving rich dirt and garden-loving earthworms from the compost pile into a raised garden bed.

Katie brought some fancy to the party with her pink flowered shovel.

Let's Plant a Garden!

Prep Work

After gathering the seed packets, I measured out 12 x 12 inch squares in the dirt. I used a level to quickly measure and mark the lines.

It was so efficient that it’s my new favorite bed prep tool.

We’re following the square foot gardening method to minimize weeds and maximize food production.

Let's Plant a Garden!

Garden Plan

Here’s the garden plan from last year that is finally getting put to use (read the specifics here).

Let's Plant a Garden!click on picture to enlarge

Yesterday, we planted the bed on the left and then finished up with a bit of spontaneous art work.

Let's Plant a Garden!

Just 2 more beds to compost and plant, a protective fence to discourage the new bunny neighbor, and some wood chips to clean up the area. I can do this, right?

Do you grow your own food? Are you an amateur like me or an accomplished gardener?

Please share your gardening links in the comments if you think they can help us newbies!