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We have had a week of birthday festivities for little miss Katie’s 5th birthday. This was our last and biggest party and a great way to finish out a magical week.

After indulging in birthday cupcakes, Katie opened her presents on the green before we started our zoo tour in the butterfly house.



Someone knew how to keep cool on such a warm day. Don’t you just want to scratch him behind the ears?





The polar bear exhibit is amazing. Besides the extensive tundra, there is an underwater tunnel so you can see the awe-inspiring polar bear and little chubby seal close up.

polar bear swimming

The rhinos were just downright hot.


The majestic lions are my favorite animals. My zodiac sign is the mighty Leo and we used to live just down the street from them when I was younger, so I may be a bit partial.

The peacocks at the Detroit Zoo are free to wander, so we would often find them strutting among our backyard flowers when they would go exploring.


Time for a cool down at the fountain. This famous landmark reminds me of my school days.

Bear fountain


The wolverine enjoyed the squirt down.


asian horses


The landscape is a wonderful part of the zoo. There are beautiful gardens and well-planned landscapes throughout the grounds.


I’m especially fond of the farm and wanted to take this sweet guy home. I wonder how he feels about cats…


We had a wonderful day, and I’m very happy that Katie chose such a special place for her birthday this year.

Thank you for joining us!