Customized Real Food Meal Plans  

After seeing this bento/tv dinner style lunch box on Liz Snyder’s $2 Lunch Challenge, I spent countless hours tracking it down. It’s my new favorite toy and you can find it here.

Coolest thing to happen to lunches. EVER.

Let’s tick off a list of why I love it:

  • stainless steel – no plastic, durable, great backdrop for food, and can pop right in the dishwasher
  • interchangeable magnets (though I could use an upgrade on the designs)
  • mini compartment for an eensy teensy sweet treat, sticker, note, colorful eraser, or other fun nonsense
  • multiple compartments challenge me to fill it with colorful, mostly healthful foods; eat the rainbow right?
  • it’s a single container and doesn’t require extra ‘stuff’ or maneuvering to separate items
  • easy to open and close and super user-friendly
  • did I mention the cute little mini compartment? love it! it may have even been the deciding factor for me; I’ve always been fond of tiny things


  • price (yikes!) but, with a food-restricted child, everything that helps is worth it; who’s going to feel sorry for Katie missing out on processed who-can-pronounce-most-of-the-ingredients food when she rolls up with the coolest meal at the table???

Day 1 of lunch fun. I thought it would be momentous and a little healthier, but with no motivation – read no sleep – and a pre-grocery shopping kitchen to work with, it was mediocre at best. You know what? I was still giddy. I don’t plan to go full Bentomom every day and make her food look, well, unfoodlike but I thought maybe once a week or so I can spice it up and add some extra fun. Launch day seemed like a good day to try my hand at it, but I think I will leave the heavy duty food manipulation for a day with more sleep.

a nod to the sandwich with a (vegan, wheat-free) pancake circle and (grass-fed beef and sage) breakfast sausage patties, 100% maple syrup for dipping, organic apple stars, sautéed sweet potatoes, and unsweetened carob chips for the sweet spot.


The result? SUCCESS! a 2 1/2 year old who sat at the table for the entire meal wolfing down her food with an adventurous spirit and single-minded determination to extract every bit of fun out of that box.