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Top 5 Immune-Boosting Supplements: Iodine

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We’ve reached Day 4 of our mini-series on Real Food Supplements. Iodine is one that you are likely familiar with but don’t know much about.

Since you are now eating unrefined salt that isn’t supplemented with iodine, it is even more important to eat foods that naturally contain this important element.

And isn’t it better to get nutrients in their natural form than as a by-product of industrialization? (hint: the answer is yes)

Iodine is going to be a bit of a tricky one for some people. Thyroid issues are at epidemic proportions.

Thyroid malfunction generally requires a higher dose of iodine supplementation so it’s safe and necessary for just about everyone, but there is a small percentage that actually has to avoid it almost entirely until deeper healing has occurred.

Talk to a whole-listic practitioner who is skilled with all aspects of thyroid issues if you have trouble with increasing your food-based iodine intake.

Those with autoimmune thyroid disease should not take iodine without close monitoring from a qualified practitioner.

Iodine deficiency is one of the leading causes of brain damage.  This is one of the major factors that led to iodizing table salt. It also explains why traditional societies put so much emphasis on special foods (mainly foods from the sea and organ meats) for prospective parents. Men and women often receive extra nourishment  before conception, and it continues with the mother until she is finished nursing.

Iodine for Radiation Protection and Detox

Our bodies need iodine. When we are deficient, it will absorb whatever form is available.   Radioactive iodine is quickly absorbed in place of stable iodine when body iodine levels are low.

By increasing safe sources of iodine in your diet, your body will begin to release the radioactive isotopes and replace it with stable ones. There have been many studies on this since Chernobyl and residents of Japan and countries affected by the Fukushima nuclear leaks were provided with potassium iodine tablets to help offset the radiation exposure.

Good news for those using chemotherapy/radiation therapy.

Mole Removal

I first read about using iodine for mole removal around the blogosphere. There are accounts that it either works great, not at all, or works well but then the moles return within a couple of years.

My personal experience is that iodine applied to a mole does reduce its size, and increasing my intake of foods from the sea that contain iodine keeps shrinking the one I tested and is also causing skin tags to disappear. Yee-freakin-haw!

This got the wheels in my brain spinning and made me wonder what causes moles and skin tags in the first place. Why are some people more prone to them and why do they increase with age?

I can’t find any hard evidence where studies have been done on it, but chronic iodine deficiency certainly contributes to the problem. Many people who change to a real food diet (increase in nutrients) and begin the healing process (balance and detox) notice that skin tags disappear and the increase in moles either stops or slows down significantly.

As with most issues plaguing us, long-standing nutrient deficiencies cause illness in many forms.

Heavy Metal Detoxification

Increasing chlorophyll and iodine are both important ways to help remove heavy metals trapped in the body.

I will begin a new protocol after the first of the year to keep my blood sugar levels balanced while I significantly increase foods that contain iodine and chlorophyll.

I’ll also step up my external detox methods to help remove the metals once my body starts releasing them (oil pulling, detox baths, lymph massage and dry brushing, gentle exercise, and rest).

The steady balance in blood sugar will help support all of my body processes while I being a new phase of detox and avoiding sweets will help control any inflammation that may result.

I have conquered a candida overgrowth (that one deserves another yeehaw!), so I can better get to those metals embedded at a deeper level. High candida levels are often a sign that your body is trying to deal with too many metals. It uses candida to trap them and keep your brain and other body tissues safe from damage.

I highly recommend being on a primarily homemade real food diet that focuses on meat, fats, vegetables, some fruit and nourishing antioxident teas before trying any secondary healing protocols for the average person. Let your body rebalance itself as much as possible before you jump into anything more invasive.

Good Sources of Iodine (amount varies based on region and animal’s food source)

  • sea vegetables, including seaweeds
  • sea food, include organs and fish eggs
  • ocean fish
  • fish broth using whole fish (includes thyroid gland)
  • thyroid glands of animals
  • some dairy products*
*The more concentrated the dairy product, the better concentration of iodine, i.e. cheese and yogurt. Iodine in land animals (and farmed sea animals) usually depends the amount supplemented in their food supply. If you choose local, grass-fed dairy, find out how your farmer supplements his cows. Mine uses sea vegetables due to the nutrient-poor soil of the Midwest.

Another benefit of eating real food is that your body will tell you when it’s had enough. Once your body begins to correctly recognize the nutrients it needs, it will tell you with cravings. Once that food stops tasting good and you no longer want it, that’s usually your stop signal.

Click here if you are ready to begin an iodine protocol.

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