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How to Lose Weight and Have More Energy: At-Home Iodine Protocol

Tired, sluggish, overweight, or irritable? You may have an iodine deficiency.

Iodine deficiency is a major cause of thyroid dysfunction and it’s estimated that 95% of people (based on test groups) are deficient in this important nutrient.

Do you use iodized salt? Read here to find out why that’s a bad idea.

Thyroid Functions
  • increases weight loss if hypothyroidism is present by increasing the basal metabolic rate (BMR); what we think of as metabolism
  • eliminates cold hands and feet and low body temps, temperatures below 98.6 are not normal and always feeling cold are common signs of hypothyroidism and are also important for hormone health and fertility
  • lowers blood cholesterol levels by increasing the breakdown of triglycerides
  • responsible for growth of the nervous and skeletal systems along with human growth hormone and insulin; very important for children
Dosage Guidelines

My basic iodine protocol uses a low maintenance dose of iodine for optimal wellness. If you are severely deficient, you may need to increase the amount.

This is not a physician’s medical diagnosis or treatment plan. I am instead sharing how to safely take a natural nutrient supplement at home. Please use your best judgement when taking any type of supplements.

Note: if you have or suspect that you have Hashimoto’s or Graves Disease, do not introduce iodine supplementation without consulting a qualified health professional skilled in iodine protocols. You must first address the autoimmune issue before supplementing.

The average person in Japan receives around 12.5 mg through a diet high in ocean foods and has a markedly low incidence of cancer (for those not eating a modern American-style diet).

Dr. David Brownstein recommends doses up to 50 mg per day for those with severe deficiencies and cancer. I reserve such high doses for those working with a qualified health practitioner.

Iodine Protocol

I personally use Lugols’ Solution for my iodine supplementation. Iodoral is an alternative that is commonly used and is better for stomach sensitivity when taking large amounts.

For the first month, take 1 drop of Lugol’s 5% or 2 drops of Lugol’s 2% daily (or equivalent Iodoral), preferably with breakfast or lunch. Later in the day may cause sleep problems due to increased energy.

Because I respect the wisdom of the ancient healers, I take mine in 8 oz of filtered water with raw apple cider vinegar 20 minutes before lunch as directed in this article.


Using this schedule, take once every 4 days for the first week, every 3 days for the second week, every other day during the third week, and then every day by the fourth week.

The following 4 weeks (month 2), double your dose and follow the same schedule. At month 3, you should be able to maintain this higher 12.5 mg dose daily.

Adjust as needed based on intake of ocean foods.

How to Lose Weight and Have More Energy: At-Home Iodine Protocol


The Detoxification Process

Take note of how you feel.

If your head feels clearer and you have steadily increasing energy levels over the next few weeks, then your body is responding well.

Do you feel more brain fog, cloudiness, or headaches? If so, then lower your dose and/or take more time off between each one.

Iodine is a halide compound and will replace other carcinogenic halides – fluoride, bromide, and chlorine – in your body.

Don’t force it or your body will bite back and leave you feeling miserable from toxin overload!

If you start feeling worse or ill, then stop taking the iodine and contact your health practitioner for further testing to first be sure that you do not have an autoimmune disease.

Taking 1-3 grams per day of a whole food Vitamin C supplement broken up into 3 doses throughout the day will help support detoxification and healing.

Salt loading is my preferred method to help quickly flush these toxins from the kidneys. I experienced increased brain fog and ‘bromide headaches’ for the first month of supplementing with iodine, and salt loading eliminated the headaches each and every time.

Note: Those with detoxification issues like MTHFR mutations should proceed slowly and carefully within their limits.

Learn More

Click here for more benefits of iodine like protection of radiation poisoning and mole removal. Plus, learn why every woman of child-bearing age needs iodine.

I highly recommend Iodine: Why you need it, Why you can’t live without it by Dr. David Brownstein.

I use it in my practice, and it has been instrumental in my education of the many roles of iodine and implementation of a protocol for my nutritional therapy clients.


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