What I’m Reading Around the Web 5-9-2014

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This week, I found myself drawn to practical articles that help me do something. Whether it’s eradicate the fungus that causes dandruff & cradle cap, sneak more organ meat into our diets (mine included), or ways to relieve health-stealing stress, it caught my attention.

Here’s what I’m reading around the web —

  • Stress is a huge focus of my healing protocols. You can have the most perfect diet, take all of your supplements (if you take any), and exercise regularly. If you life is heavy with chronic stress or bad situations, you’ll backslide every time.

Jessica at AIP Lifestyle has a really helpful article on how to change your outlook about your illness. That alone can jumpstart healing.

Over in Robb Wolf‘s corner, Kelsey makes it easy to understand how stress affects gut health. I highly suggest reading it.

  • Heather at Mommypotamus has my favorite article of the week. She shows us how to eradicate the fungus infection that causes dandruff and cradle cap. I’m adding this one to my healing toolbox.

Note: To completely get rid of the imbalance, you may have to do this for 2-3 months while balancing your gut microbiota.

  • Sarah at The Paleo Mom reminded me that it’s past time to start regularly eating offal and teaching my clients how to do it in a practical way. She offers up some tips and tricks to getting more organ meats into your diet.


Do me a favor, take a minute and share the link to one helpful article you read this week in the comments. Spread the word on what YOU found interesting!

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