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It’s official! I am a vegetable gardener. Not necessarily a good one but my gardening guru told me that, if I’m getting food from my plants, I am in fact a gardener. I have learned that some plants are very forgiving no matter your thumb color, so I will forgo patting myself on the back just yet.

It feels like an Oprah giveaway show every time I find something ready to harvest in my modest backyard garden. Even the herbs I started last year give me a heavy dose of satisfaction. Growing food ROCKS.

Hello cucumbers!

Click here to see the pictures that were taken just 4 weeks ago. Can you believe how much these plants have grown? Already topping the trellis stakes at 6 feet tall with no signs of stopping. I have estimated their growth at over 5.5 feet in less than 5 weeks. Wow. Double wow.

There are cucumbers of varying sizes covering our 4 plants and more flowers blooming every day. We will easily have enough to last us through the summer. Today we devoured our fourth delicious cuke. Add that to the over 20 tomatoes that we harvested from my dwarf tomato plants, and that’s not too bad of a start for the worst gardener ever.


The tomato plants are also doing well now…even though they are still not planted. The poor things are in their mini planters from the grower and just snugged into the bed of peat moss that is still waiting for compost. What?! Yeah, yeah. I am ready to bribe someone to come over and help me prep the rest of the beds for the fall seeds and to plant these suckers. Oh! Suckers reminds me that I have to pull the suckers off of the tomato plants so they will produce more tomatoes. Pray that I don’t mangle them.

We even have a lone little strawberry on a plant left over from Katie’s birthday party. She was so excited to see it! Even Mother Nature likes to see her smile.

How are your gardens growing?

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