I Need Your Help!

Have you been missing out on posts lately? Did they used to come to your inbox?

Will you even see this if not?? 😉

I made an oopsey, and accidentally deleted a subscriber lists when doing some blog maintenance a couple of months ago. And I can’t get it back!

I would just move on, but many of you have been with me since the beginning and, frankly, it bums me out.

:sniffle, sniffle:

Please go sign up in the pink box below (or to your right) for my weekly…ish newsletters. Sign up now, and you’ll get the next one that goes out.

In the meantime, you can scroll through the blog to see what you’ve missed. It’s not too much with the infrequency of posts lately.

Research, research, research makes Jen a dull blogger!

As a thank you and apology for the inconvenience, I will work hard to finish the castor oil liver cleansing post so you have something good in your inbox soon.

Thank you my friends!! <3

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