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Pumpkin spice chocolate covered pumpkin seeds

October has been a pretty great month for us. We have had a lot of fun trying new recipes with the spices – recipes to come – from our Mountain Rose Herbs seasoning blends giveaway (ends 10/31) and enjoying the transition to fall.

Thanks to Katie’s new tooth healing regimen (post on that coming soon), she has grown an inch and gained 2 pounds. Healing her allergies enough to be able to add in more ultra nutrient-dense foods has been a great milestone. If you’re looking to heal food allergies in your family, check out our Baby Steps.  

I have also been doing some serious purging and reorganizing around the house and have gotten some great tips from the latest blog I am stalking, ahem, following. I’ll share a couple of my projects next month. I’m sure we can all use help staying organized and keeping things a little cleaner around the house!

Posts that tickled my fancy from across the blogosphere

  • Thanks to Nourished Kitchen, kimchi is my new must make ferment.
  • This video from Mama Natural and Mommypotamus about GMOs. They filmed a short video at a local grocery store and it cracked. me. up.
  • Mommypotamus also shared a recipe for egg-free homemade marshmallows. After a disastrous time trying to make some 2 years ago with agar agar, I completely gave up…until now. I can’t wait to make these!!
  • Nourishing Joy has a fantastic vaccine guide that is non-biased and focused on the facts for both pro- and anti-vaxx. I have shared this post with quite a few confused parents and parents-to-be.
  • LittleOwlCrunchyMama talks about elimination communication! We went diaper-free with Katie and I would recommend it to anyone, especially those kiddos with sensitive skin and bellyaches. Who wants to have something tight strapped around a belly that hurts?!.
  • Oh lardy! (great name right?) has a post on fermented foods that was a great read.
  • Thank Your Body just saved my dingy whites with this homemade bleach recipe!
  • The Coconut Mama has a dairy-free pumpkin fudge that’s currently in my fridge with a layer of dairy-free GAPS pumpkin spiced chocolate on top. It is a HUGE hit.
Share your happy moments from October! Any great blog posts to share or stories that made you smile? I would love to hear them!