Goodbye Google Reader — Hello Feedly (it’s free!)


Since Google Reader is about to close its proverbial doors on July 1st, many of us are looking for a new reader to catch the updates to all of our favorite blogs.

I just signed up with Feedly yesterday for free, and it imported my entire feed with a single click.

I logged in with my Google password, gave it permission to access my information, and voila! 30 seconds later, I’m done.

There’s even a Feedly app that lets me read it on my phone, and let’s face it, if I’m anywhere close to my laptop, I’m working.

New to Readers?

A blog reader is a website that allows you to subscribe to all of your favorite blogs for free and read them news feed style. It’s a very convenient thing to have when you read a lot of blogs.

If you like signing up for newsletters, you can easily do both.

I prefer to get newsletters for the coupons that come through and important health articles I might have missed during my busy week, and have the reader for every day use.

Scrolling through posts in the reader only takes a few moments, and you can get the info you need in real time.

Happy reading!

Photo Credit:  franklingraves

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