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We’re giving away one essential kitchen tool each month in 2013. I want to help make your health goals just a wee bit easier to tackle, because health begins in the kitchen.

These gifts are paid for by me and the mouse in my pocket and aren’t a part of any sponsorship or endorsement.

Here are the toys we’ve given away so far:

Kidco BabySteps Electric Food Mill
Cuisinart SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender

This month, I’m super duper excited to offer you this gorgeous olive wood salt cellar handcrafted in France with a little something to put in it.

!Giveaway! One-of-a-kind French Olive Wood Handcrafted Salt Cellar + 1 pound of Celtic Sea salt

It is handcrafted by specialized artisans in France who practice their craft of woodworking using traditional methods. Most importantly, each piece is created from sustainably harvested wood.  

One of these little babies is about to make itself very comfortable in my kitchen, so I no longer have to find a new home for the salt every time I want to use my mortar and pestle.

Find out just how important unrefined salt is to our health here.

 Giveaway Rules

  1. Go take a look at the salt cellar so you can check out the size.
  2. Leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite unrefined salt is (Celtic sea salt, Real Salt, Himalayan salt, etc.) or if you’re a real salt rookie.
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