A GAPS Success Story: Cultured Palate

Cultured Palate

Note from Jennifer: Today, I’d like to share a wonderfully heart-warming story of another GAPSster who has seen amazing success on the GAPS Diet. I hope it will encourage you on your journey or inspire you to begin one with us.

Your name?

Dina-Marie Oswald

Your blog’s name?

Cultured Palate

How long have you been on GAPS?

I started on the GAPS diet in November 20, 2012. It is hard to believe the physical changes in just 18 months!

How did you find the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) Protocol, and why did you feel it was right for you?

My daughter-in-law, Jessica, actually went to a Weston A. Price conference and heard Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride speak.

After the lecture, she went up and spoke with Dr. Campbell about me and my rheumatoid arthritis and stomach problems which included a 30 year + meat allergy.

Dr. Campbell was so convincing that the GAPS diet would help and that I would not only have relief from my autoimmune disease but also be eating meat by the end of the second phase of the Introduction diet, that Jessica came home very excited.

Her excitement was contagious and feeling that I had nothing to lose, I got started. I was to the point with swollen and painful joints, that I could not even cut my morning pancakes – my husband cut my food for me!

What healing have you seen since you started?

Within 2 weeks of beginning the Introduction diet, I had relief from my arthritis pain. As Dr. Campbell predicted, I was indeed eating meat by the end of phase 2! I discovered that I am a devoted carnivore ¬† ūüėČ

I had also been diagnosed with osteoporosis (before the onset of menopause) and am successfully reversing my bone density loss which is verified through bone density studies!

What are your best tips for a successful journey?

I would encourage everyone to read the Gut and Psychology Syndrome book first.

It does a great job of explaining why the diet works and I think if you understand the purpose behind what you are doing, you are much more likely to stick with it.¬†I would also say, take it slowly even though you may want to rush through the introduction – don’t!

For me, I had years of an unhealthy gut and I had to realize that it would not miraculously be cured overnight – it takes time so be patient.

What are your must-have kitchen tools?

My favorite kitchen tool is my Bosch Universal mixer with the blender and food processor attachment. I use it daily to make kefir and yogurt smoothies, as well as, the food processor to grate my cabbage for homemade sauerkraut. It makes life so much easier!

In fact, after using Bosch for almost 30 years, I have become an authorized dealer – I believe in its quality that much!

What’s your favorite GAPS recipe?

I have a sweet tooth and absolutely love Raw Chocolate Pudding which is made with avocados, bananas, honey and of course, cocoa. It is delicious and full of good fats!

What’s your go-to recipe when you’re short on time?

I try to keep chicken broth and cooked chicken meat in the freezer. To make my broth, I cook a whole chicken in the crock pot until the meat is falling off the bones. Once cooked, I separate the meat and freeze it while letting the bones continue cooking in the crock pot.  Having these two freezer items makes Chicken Curry so quick and easy to make.

Closing thoughts:

Remember, the GAPS diet is not intended to be a life-long diet but rather a diet for a specific time of healing. I know 18 months seems like a long time to be on GAPS but the physical changes have given me my life back!

I have tried to transition off following Dr. Campbell’s sequence of adding foods back to my diet, but I can tell a difference in my joints. The changes are nothing compared to what they once were so, for now, I am content to know that healing is¬†occurring¬†but I must be patient.

Dina-Marie is the author of Cultured Palate blog and the mom of 10 children, 7 of whom are still at home.

Moving to West Texas to begin a vineyard has brought many changes among them being a return to health through the GAPS diet, learning about “real” food and becoming a chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Dina-Marie began Cultured Palate because of her passion to spread the healing potential of real traditional food and to encourage others with a nutrient dense diet and simple family life.

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