GAPS Re-Intro Day 4, [Insert Witty Phrase Here]

I keep forgetting to write ‘organic’ next to our foods so assume it’s organic unless I note otherwise for expediency’s sake. Just about the only things that we use that aren’t organic are duck fat, Celtic sea salt, and elderberry syrup.

We both slept well and feel refreshed this morning. Katie woke with a bellyache and neither of us were hungry, so breakfast started a little late. The dark circles under Katie’s eyes are now purple smudges, and her color is nice and peachy with a few skin-colored eczema spots left (no redness).

I’m going to keep this synopsis short since it’s a day late in getting finished. Suffice it to say we survived, and I’m really getting ready for true intro to start. Katie wanted sugary foods all day and I relented a bit knowing that the end will come very soon. Poor kiddo.

She went to sleep so well! As soon as I said lights out, she plopped down and was ready to go. So lovely. Hubby and I both put her to sleep, and she usually sleeps in our bed unless she feels up to sleeping in hers (usually when she’s feeling well).

Breakfast: boiled organic chicken, organic homemade chicken schmaltz, Celtic sea salt, lacto-fermented pickle (me); couple of bites of cauliflower/carrot soup, couple sips of chicken broth in a mug, rice congee with sage

organic milk thistle tea [ground 1 tsp whole seeds in mortar & pestle, added water just off the boil – turn boiling water off & add water to tea when it stops bubbling -, and steeped, covered – to keep nutrients from dissipating with steam -, for 20 minutes] (me)

nettle tea with elderberry syrup (Katie) bad, short duration bellyache

ginger tea with lemon and raw honey

elderberry syrup with ginger tea (Katie)

Lunch: boiled chicken with Celtic sea salt & freshly-cracked black pepper; chicken w rice & raw honey Hcl

Snack: raw apple

Dinner: roast with celtic sea salt, garlic powder, & black pepper; roast with rice Katie bellyache followed by Hcl which helped a bit

Snack: raisins

raw apple (me)


Jennifer Nervo is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Master Practitioner & teacher, and Aromatherapist. Her focus is on digestive, nervous, and immune system dysfunction and the fields of functional nutrition & psychoneuroimmunology. She works with all conditions and diseases including environmental and food allergies, autoimmune diseases, multiple chemical sensitivity, diabetes, eczema, anxiety, weight loss as a symptom of dis-ease, and gut-brain disorders like autism.

When she’s not herding her small troupe of monkeys or seeing clients, her free time is packed with researching and perfecting new wellness techniques (her not-so-secret passion). Jennifer is currently a group leader for the newest class of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners out of Ann Arbor, MI, studying for the national board exam in holistic nutrition, and running a combined distance and brick and mortar practice in metro Detroit. She’s also a homeschooling suburbanite, foodie, and mama to two littles and a schnoodle.

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