GAPS Progress Report 6-17-13


<—— See this guy?

Yeah, that’s how I feel. Kinda sheepish. Baaa-aa-aa

In the spirit of blogging transparency, I’m going to keep it real.

Our diet has been less than stellar over the last week.

Takeout was the name of the game most evenings, because I did not feel up to spending time in the kitchen.

Thankfully, we’re all weathering it well enough.


I   ate   eggs.

I have eaten eggs with no noticeable reaction 4 times now. This is the first time I’ve been able to eat them, since I learned about my latent allergy to them last year.

My usual symptoms are noise sensitivity, intolerance to bright lights, and extreme irritability. It does not make for a very happy mommy.

Since my cravings have been overwhelming lately, I tried a hard-boiled egg just over a week ago and all was quiet.

That made for a very happy mommy.


Hubby’s fasting blood sugar levels are starting to move down into the low 90’s and high 80’s.

We are well out of the diabetes diagnosis and quickly moving out of insulin resistance.

My main focus right now is reducing his liver toxicity which helps with regulating insulin and blood glucose levels, assists with digestion, and overall speeds up the healing process.


Little Miss Katie seems to have fructose intolerance, so we have some work to do with her. I recently had another urinalysis done on her, and it showed a need to work on bowel toxicity and protein/sugar intolerances.

We will both be doing a stool analysis in 2 weeks to test for digestive weak spots and parasites.

I have noticed a few symptoms  – like Katie grinding her teeth during sleep and dandruff from the cats – that all together could be attributed to parasites in my entire family.

Good times.


I attribute much of our recent progress to targeted nutrient supplementation as well as what we eat.

We eat pretty cleanly even when we do cheat, but we’re at a point where we need some extra help that food hasn’t been able to provide.

The three of us are taking a combination of digestive and nutrient support through the supplement company that I use in my practice.

They’re not a one-size-fits-all plan, so I won’t suggest everyone reading this take them. It’s amazing what targeted supplementation can do though.

What’s Next

I’m debating on a round of GAPS Intro very soon. We have to get through Katie’s birthday party on Saturday, but I think we may try it again to see how it goes.

I’ll keep you updated if I decide to tackle it and share my game plan.

Are you on the GAPS Diet?

Leave me a comment and let me know how you’re doing. Share a detail of the wonderful progress you’re making or join me in confession hour!

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5 thoughts on “GAPS Progress Report 6-17-13”

  • Still on full gaps -such a breeze compared to intro! Struggling to get enough calories/carbs since breastfeeding & working out, so since we were going to be officially ending Gaps in a few weeks, I’m going to add in potatoes in the next week. I know-totally not gaps, but I feel that’s what my body needs. (Preparing for pregnancyas well).

    How do you determine what suppliments each person needs? I’ve wondered if I should be taking a digestive enzyme. Right now I’m taking a strong probiotic (Gut Guardian Supreme) and Cod Liver Oil/Butter blend. We’re feeling really great *except for bad gas*. :/

    Blessings as you gear up for Intro!

    • Thanks Chloe!

      I feel that if you’re going to fall off the wagon, potatoes and white rice is the way to do it. They’re easier to digest that many other foods. If you have to choose, getting enough calories is more important than eating all of the ‘right’ foods. Your body can’t heal without fuel.

      I have thorough questionnaires, the interview process, and a physical exam (for local clients) that help me determine nutritional deficiencies. The foods and supplements I recommend are based on listening to what the body’s symptoms tell me. The gas is definitely a symptom that you’re not properly breaking down your food. It may be as simple as adding in an HCl supplement or a combination of HCl and digestive enzymes. I recommend starting here to increase your own HCl production first:

      • Jennifer, sorry for the late reply…been out of town. Just wanted to say a big thank you for your response! It is very encouraging to hear your thoughts on the potatoes, and also very helpful about the tonics. I already have nettle so I may start that soon (also have dandelion but can’t STAND the taste).

        You mentioned kombucha in the tonic article, so I have a question about that…I’d stopped kombucha while we’ve been doing gaps because I read that there was still sugar in it if it wasn’t fermented really long. We usually ferment ours 7 days, then let it “fizz” on the counter for 2 more days. Also, we add about 1/4 c. of juice to every 16 oz of kombucha to get the taste we like. I’ve been debating about whether to start kombucha again (also taking into consideration that we’re dealing with candida overgrowth and kombucha had yeast…). You’ve mentioned a couple times that you drink kombucha. How long do you ferment it, and what ate your thoughts on its more controversial aspects? (Obviously, if you don’t have time to answer I completely understand! I know your a very busy lady! 🙂

        • Kombucha consumption is very individual and will depend on how it makes you feel. That’s the best way to tell.

          I used to ferment mine for at least 20 days, and now I drink it at 9. If you try it, you may want to steer clear of the added juice and build up a tolerance to drinking things that aren’t so sweet. I have also read some compelling studies on using it to help with candida overgrowth and have a kombucha jello post over at Cheeseslave that goes into it more:

          • I never *felt* that kombucha had any ill effects on us, EXCEPT for the fact that my daughter loved it so much, that was all she would drink, and for the most part would refuse water, so I put a stop to it. I appreciate the article. I’m definitely planning on starting it again soon w/ longer ferment, and just having it at certain times in the day, so that my daughter has some understandable boundaries. 😉 Thanks, Jennifer!!

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