GAPS intro, day 1

It’s official. We’re finally on GAPS ( I have been going crazy trying to figure out the best time to start. Spring? Good time for detox but we might miss all the fresh veggies of summer in our new garden. Fall? Another good time for detox but maybe we’ll miss out on the last of the great weather and the cider mill action. Winter? Great time for lolling around eating soup and meat. Hmm. Do we want to wait almost a year for that to start? My brain hurts.
    Katie has been miserable and whiny and rashy and overdramatic about everything (even for an almost 3 year old) for days – or is it weeks? – and I can’t figure out the trigger. Could be the rye sourdough pancakes or sauerkraut that I home fermented or the second try of salmon or any number of random things that I can’t pinpoint. She’s either reacting or detoxing, but whatever it is I’m fed up with it. IT’S TIME.

evening update: Things got a bit hairy with my dentist appt. at 11:20. I thought I made a huge batch of veggie soup this morning, but it only got us through breakfast and lunch for Katie. She wanted meat all morning but ate everything just fine. She switched to wanting chicken before her nap. I started feeling weak and lightheaded with a headache about 4 pm with only a cup of ginger tea for lunch but felt much better once I ate. Oh yeah, that pre-planning thing they tell you to do so you have enough food. Oops. I boiled a chicken for more broth and meat for our now late lunch and dinner and now feel great. We ate a ton of veggies today. I made each soup into more of a Rachael Ray style stoup, so I could make sure we were full and filling up on all important veggies. Katie’s scaly cheeks are soft and her mood has improved already. WOO HOO! I’m brushing my shoulders off at our success on day 1. 🙂

I’m excited for tomorrow and the challenge of new flavors to tempt our palate!

Today’s soups:
1. chicken broth with zucchini, peas, carrots, and turnips (yum)
2. chicken broth with chicken, peeled zucchini – forgot to peel the last batch -, green beans, broccoli, and turnips (ok but kinda bland, maybe the green beans)

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