GAPS Intro (3rd attempt) Day 1

Today’s post will be rather abbreviated since I’m tired and my laptop is down (I’m on on hubby’s Ipad). We’re a day late beginning the group intro, but I needed yesterday to recoup and regroup. Today went rather well. I stayed motivated and cooked and cleaned quite a bit – hence the tired -. Katie had bellyaches all day but was in a good mood even though she was extremely tired after skipping a nap. I’m hopeful that they will disappear tomorrow after another day of well-cooked nourishing foods. If not, I’m going to reevaluate the type and amount of veggies I’m using. Oh and hubby’s decided to join us on this round so we’ll see how things go for all of us.

Breakfast: mini-meatballs (ground beef rolled into balls) cooked in chicken broth with carrots and shredded cabbage. Reread stage 1 of GAPS after breakfast and noticed cabbage is illegal. Oops. I’m super bummed since it was so good.

Lunch: cream of broccoli soup (broccoli in chicken broth blended with a hand blender) with boiled chicken either served on the side with Celtic sea salt or mixed in the soup

Drinks: filtered water, ginger tea, mint tea

Dinner: Bollito (boiled chuck roast) sliced thin and served alongside cauliflower, carrot, and pea soup in chicken broth

I’ll take a bit of a tv break then make soup for breakfast and enough for hubby to take to work tomorrow in a Thermos to keep warm. Sooo wish I could go right to bed. I think I’ll eat again first though to prevent low blood sugar. We all went a long time with no food between lunch and dinner but then all got hungry this evening after dinner. Curious what tomorrow will bring & think I’ll make some bone broth applesauce just in case Katie needs it for the night or morning if she didn’t get enough fuel. Night all. Hope those of you doing intro are faring well!

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