My Reasons for Revisiting the GAPS Diet: GAPS as a Fertility Diet?

My Reasons for Revisiting the GAPS Diet: GAPS as a Fertility Diet?Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks

What’s with the eggs, witch doctor? Well, that’s one of the reasons we have decided to revisit the GAPS Diet. We have decided to have another bonny little baby.

I started introducing fertility foods a few weeks ago to build up my nutrient stores and prepare my body to nourish another little one. Traditional societies went to great lengths to nourish new parents during the preconception period (6 months to 2 years) to ensure healthy offspring (source).

We’ll start the process once I receive my NTP certification in October.

Nutrient deficiencies caused the trials of my first pregnancy – pronounced fatigue, water retention (edema), swelling, excess weight gain, and high blood pressure in my last days before delivery -, and Katie’s issues with gut dysfunction, allergies, and all the fun stuff that goes with it.

This time, I’m doing things differently.

Correcting Health Disorders and Symptoms

There are some other health issues that I want to heal before this new chapter in our lives. I am almost 35, and I need to make sure my body is ready for such a trial. Luckily, I’m healthier than ever and I feel ready for the challenge.

Even though I have increased my nutrient-dense foods, I won’t be able to take full advantage of breaking down, absorbing, and utilizing those nutrients until my gut health is restored.

Here is what I am going to work on while on GAPS:

  • adrenal fatigue
  • mild hypothyroidism
  • sugar handling (insulin/glucose fluctuations that can lead to hypoglycemia and insulin resistance)
  • leaky gut – allergies, compromised immune system
  • hypochlorhydria
  • heavy metal accumulation
  • liver dysfunction
  • fatty acid deficiency and resulting raised LDL small density cholesterol
  • increase nutrient stores
  • increase cardiovascular function
  • balance hormones

Katie’s conditions to correct:

  • leaky gut – allergies, compromised immune system
  • hypochlorhydria
  • blood sugar handling
  • fatigue
  • fatty acid deficiency
  • increased nutrient absorption
  • liver dysfunction
  • cavities
  • low weight

Hubby’s issues:

  • insulin resistance (previously diabetes)
  • leaky gut – allergies, compromised immune system
  • hypochlorhydria
  • liver dysfunction
  • belly fat from stress and cortisol increase
  • fatty acid deficiency
  • increase nutrient absorption
  • reduce chronic inflammation to reduce inflammatory markers and imbalanced cholesterol numbers (too high and reflects damage from inflammation)

Healing with the GAPS DietPhoto Credit: Nicholas_T

It’s time to leave the storms behind and find the end of the rainbow.

We have all seen improvements in our 2 years of healing, but this is the final push to finish the job.

I hope you’ll join us on this journey. I know many of you are already with us and ready to begin. Just a few more days of prep work, and we’ll be on our way!

Why are you following the GAPS Diet/witch doctor healing protocol?

Share with us in the comments!


Jennifer Nervo is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Master Practitioner & teacher, and Aromatherapist. Her focus is on digestive, nervous, and immune system dysfunction and the fields of functional nutrition & psychoneuroimmunology. She works with all conditions and diseases including environmental and food allergies, autoimmune diseases, multiple chemical sensitivity, diabetes, eczema, anxiety, weight loss as a symptom of dis-ease, and gut-brain disorders like autism.

When she’s not herding her small troupe of monkeys or seeing clients, her free time is packed with researching and perfecting new wellness techniques (her not-so-secret passion). Jennifer is currently a group leader for the newest class of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners out of Ann Arbor, MI, studying for the national board exam in holistic nutrition, and running a combined distance and brick and mortar practice in metro Detroit. She’s also a homeschooling suburbanite, foodie, and mama to two littles and a schnoodle.

4 thoughts on “My Reasons for Revisiting the GAPS Diet: GAPS as a Fertility Diet?”

  • How exciting that you’re getting ready to have another baby!

    I’m not going to be following GAPS, but following your blog has inspired me to look into food-related causes for my eczema. I’ve been in denial that that may be an issue since I don’t want to give up my favorite foods. I had it on my hands as a kid (at least that’s my only memory) and then I would get it for two weeks each winter on my legs starting in college. This year, I’ve had it for going on 5 months all over my arms and legs. Definitely time to do something, so I’m going on an elimination diet in 2 weeks. It’s taking a lot of prep work, but I’m excited to start!

    • Thanks Chloe!

      Don’t feel pressure to follow a protocol that you are not ready for or you don’t feel is right for you right now. It’s important to tread your own path and your journey will fall in place as it needs to. Best of luck with the elimination diet! They’re hard but one of the most effective ways of finding offensive foods when combined with a rotation diet.

  • Hi! I am wondering which post I should be following to continue with this. I am currently trying to have our first child. I am GF, SF, as well as Dairy Free, & MOSTLY grain free with occasional sweet potato or jasmine rice… I am interested in checking out the GAPS diet for the same reason of fertility so am definitely interested in reading what you have to say as well as your journey through it…

    • For now, I am continuing with my fertility foods and healing supplements to get ready. We will start trying for #2 in 2014, so you can sign up for my newsletter to be notified when future posts on it come out (pink box at the bottom of the post). I will also have a series on healing hormones that will include a post on fertility in future posts.

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