GAPS days 35-36, Content

I have a new vigor for life these last couple of days. I don’t have the energy to go with it, but the spirit is there. I am eager to pick piles of flowers from the dandelions and wild violets that are painting my lawn with brilliant colors and turn them into syrups and honey and wine. I want to identify all of my ‘weeds’, so I can make healing salves. I also need to plant my new blueberry bushes asap. Instead I’ve been slowly plodding through housework. I have to catch up from “WEEK FOUR”. That’s the new moniker for the craziness that hit the other ladies last week also. I don’t have a ton of energy – might be the semi-fasting -, but I am able to keep going from task to task even without the caffeince zip I usually need. There’s a bit of resting in between and playing with Katie to keep me from burning out.

I need more detox baths. Yeah, that’ll happen.

Hubby leaves for an eleven day trip to visit family in Italy, and we’re staying behind for the very last time. Next year, Katie will hopefully…sleep through the night, be able to handle greater amounts of noise to deal with the constant hum of big city life and the vast number of family and friends that we be surrounded by, and have an easier time with foods to allow for small amounts of cross-contamination (as in eating at a restaurant). Things are vastly improving with each year, and now we have another layer with GAPS, and I even feel we would have been okay this year but it’s not ideal yet.

first meal: Katie – boiled chicken and broccoli

second meal: Katie – 1/2 avocado, more boiled chicken; me – boiled chicken with curry powder (was that ever good) and the other 1/2 of the avocado

third meal: Katie – cucumber, peeled and seeded

fourth meal: Katie, sauteed zucchini, more boiled chicken; me – 2 fried eggs, sauteed zucchini

snack: me – glass of milk to be able to finish dinner prep

fifth meal (dinner): roasted chicken with mashed cauliflower

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