GAPS day 162, New GAPS Intro Scheduled for 9/29!

Cara from Health, Home, and Happiness is starting up a group GAPS intro on October 1st and it’s over 100 strong already!

Whether it’s your first or your fifth round of intro, it’s a great opportunity to have such a huge community of supporters and commisorators. There should be plenty of both. 🙂

I really enjoyed the sense of community we achieved the last time we did a group intro.

Baden from The GAPS Guide was the ring leader and did an amazing job with helping, encouraging, and honestly sharing her insights, gains, trials, and tribulations throughout.  Katie and I didn’t do so well but I’m very encouraged after five months on a modified allergy-friendly version of full GAPS that we can successfully complete it this time.

I encourage doing full GAPS for some time before starting intro unless the patient(s) needs to begin healing extremely quickly or won’t eat GAPS food. Our bodies need the time to adjust, rebalance, and detox at a reasonable pace if at all possible.

If you start with full GAPS, still begin the challenge with us! The support is amazingly helpful no matter what stage you are at.

Our start date is slightly before the official day based on logistics for my family. Katie just started preschool today (yay!), so we attend Tuesday and Thursday mornings. [We joined a co-op so I can attend with her as long as she needs me to.]

We will be starting intro the Thursday afternoon before everyone else so we have four and a half days to regain some equilibrium before her next day of school.

Tomorrow I’ll share some online preparation resources. It’s time to stock up on broth and casseroles and get some ferments going!

Preparation is the absolute the key to success on a GAPS intro.

I can already hear the wheels turning in your head… 🙂

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