Eye of Newt and Puppy Dog Tails

I’ve been braving my way into traditional foods recently and am using them to try to heal our guts. Katie’s food allergies, my sugar addiction, and hubby’s diabetes (update on that as soon as we get his latest bloodwork report but he’s off meds and better than I even had hoped) are all symptomatic of gut dysbiosis or leaky gut and we’re using the GAPS diet – or, ahem, trying – to heal ourselves. Though originally used for autism, researchers and those following it have found it heals and/or cures a great myriad of issues.

On to the title of this post! Beyond the saurkraut that we eat after it sits in our basement fermenting away for months on end and the sourdough starter I had fermented from plain old rye flour and water before we gave up grains, I have recently been ordering 100% pastured – not pasturized 🙂 – meat and raw dairy from a local farm. People, I have decided to take the plunge into…animal parts. I currently have a beef heart (a very large and scary beef heart vacuum sealed in see-thru plastic) in my freezer that I’m still afraid of, chicken feet (chicken feet?!?) in my fridge for a gut-friendly extra gelatinous bone broth tomorrow, and a beef liver that has been in the fridge for a tad too many days to use I’m relieved to say. My friends and family have been indulging in a bit of friendly ribbing and calling me witch doctor due to my use of food based home remedies for illness. My friends, this is a whole new ball game. Ginger tea and elderberry syrup don’t hold a candle to what I’m about to do to my family. Thank goodness my daughter is still not yet three years old, has the curiosity and open mind of a child, and is open to new foods. My husband says he just doesn’t want to know. Don’t ask, don’t tell has become the new motto in my house. 😉

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  • Hi there, I found your blog through Baden's and just wanted to say that I have enjoyed reading your posts. I am on Day 8 of Intro and it has been so helpful to read about others' journeys through GAPS. Good luck with all of your new animal parts! I, too, have ventured into the unknown recently with livers, hearts, and feet….good times! -Briana

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