Customized Real Food Meal Plans  

the last local organic pastured chicken from my freezer roasted to optimal crispy skin deliciousness

local, organic Brussels sprouts roasted in yep, you guessed it, duck fat

the non-local dish: organic haricots verts sauteed in duck fat (we like them well done)
lovely local, organic potatoes roasted in duck fat

Okay we’re going short and sweet here. I have a hunnerd and eleventy things to do, but I’m not putting off this blog post again! 🙂 I have been ill with adrenal fatigue and couple of viruses that knocked me out for most of the last two months, so blogging got knocked way down on the to do list. Thanks to a couple of fabulous little roots that are giving extra support to my adrenal glands [Standard Process Adrenal Complex], I’m back in action and eager to catch up. Woohoo!
There are a couple of non-local components to this meal, but they sounded really good so I decided not to exclude them. The Celtic sea salt and duck fat are neither organic nor local and the green beans are from somewhere yonder also. I always keep a few bags of our favorite frozen veggies in the freezer as back up and tear into them when the urge strikes or we need an extra veggie at mealtime.
All of the local items were purchased from The Garden Gate Farm at the Farmington Farmers’ Market (now The Old Winery Farmers’ Market for winter), one of our two favorite farms to buy from.
Ta ta for now friends. May your days be filled with good food and great friends and your nights with  restful slumber.