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One of the things I love about blogging is that it can change with me. I can take the time to sit back and reflect when life requires changes and let the blog evolve as those changes happen.

I have reached a period where my passions have taken another turn. Impending motherhood (again) and a hubby who now works way too many hours requires a new direction. My soul needs to be appeased along with the needs of my family.

The past 18 months have been dedicated to my research and nutritional therapy practice.

…okay, the last 2 months were dedicated to not vomiting and surviving the first trimester.

Before that, this blog was the place that allowed me to share what I learned and what methods helped me see the most success with my clients.

It’s been a collection of tools for our collective ‘healing toolboxes’ and information to share with friends and family to help them do the same.


I have recently made the decision to close my nutritional therapy practice for the next 18 months. I will continue to see my current clients and consult but will recommend all new clients to trusted colleagues.

I plan to slow down and refocus my time on my family. Katie is Miss Independent at 6 years old, but it’s a good time to make some more memories before we become a family of four.

I will continue to blog but the pace will be my own, and the heavily researched posts will be fewer and further between.

Pregnancy brain makes me slower than molasses these days.

We’ll also continue to hear from guest posters who can bring a unique perspective and some great topics to the table.

…and my newest passion begins

As you already know, I am all about the witch doctoring, alternative medicines, and natural remedies for real healing. 

After feeling like I have conquered nutrient supplements and flower essences, I have moved into a new sphere, plant medicine (herbals).

Essential oils have become my newest obsession, and where I’m focusing first. Partly due to their popularity and easy accessibility for everyone and for their ease of use.

I feel like I have to know everything about them and, the more I read, the more fascinated I become.

Essential oils for —

  • skin regeneration
  • cancer
  • chronic viruses like herpes and hepatitis
  • sleep
  • MRSA
  • hormonal balancing
  • regulating blood pressure

I really had no idea how powerfully influential they are in the body.

Mind. Blown.

Essential oil safety and the proper therapeutic use is where it’s at for me. I don’t use them in cooking or as party tricks. You also won’t find my recommendations for taking large amounts internally for weight loss – or internally at all for that matter -.

I’ll share some info here at 20 something allergies from time to time, but we won’t be getting oil crazy up in here like a lot of the Internet has.

Learn what oils I’m using and why (you can buy them too) —> Essential Oils

If you want to get into oils with me, join my Facebook group —> Essential Oils for Nutrition Nerds.

I’m there every day answering questions and sharing information on how I use oils and how to use them safely. We’ve had some pretty great conversations over there already.

You can learn something new every day like how to properly dilute essential oils as a trained aromatherapist and if oils are truly safe for newborns.

Today, I shared a quick tip on what oils I’m diffusing to cover up the horrid smell of beef so I can cook dinner for my family. Pregnancy is fun.


I look forward to seeing where the changes take us in the coming months.

Thanks for sticking around loyal readers. 🙂

Talk to you soon!