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3 Minutes of Laughter Therapy: a Prescription from Your Witch Doctor

We talk about a lot of big, heavy topics here at Healing Redefined, but healing requires happiness, laughter, and . According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the liver holds anger. Natural detoxification releases liver toxins, and often a flood of overwhelming emotions that aren’t often addressed […]

How Neuroplasticity Healed My Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

How Neuroplasticity Healed My Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Note from Jennifer: Libby Louer has graciously agreed to share with us how she healed her multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) using neuroplasticity. Though other healing modalities like nutrient supplementation are necessary for whole health healing, the brain is an integral part of overcoming chronic illness. I […]

Boost Your Immune System in 15 Seconds: How To Thump Your Thymus

Boost Your Immune System in 15 Seconds: How To Thump Your Thymus

We’ve already discussed how your eyes can show the state of your adrenal glands and that your pulse can be used to find allergies. Let’s take a look another look into the amazing things that your body can do and learn how to boost its innate immunity. Jennifer […]

3 Signs You Are Healing (even though you feel lousy)

Healing reactions can cause mass frustration. When you aren’t properly educated on what these reactions mean or why they occur, it’s a never-ending cycle of questions, false starts, and unnecessary misery. Is this working? Why do I feel worse? Should I stop? Jennifer NervoJennifer Nervo […]

5 Supplements to Retrain Your Immune System

Note from Jennifer: While I am working on catching up with homework – finals are 2 weeks away!! – and living through a home remodel, I’m happy to have Claire Murray, a naturopath from Australia, share some nutritional therapy from a naturopath’s perspective. Please extend […]

4 Cheap and Easy Ways to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution (in Your Home or Office)

It’s important to reduce exposure to the overwhelming load of toxins we’re exposed to every day. Especially during any healing protocol, do things like choosing natural cleaning and personal care products and minimize how often you bring new furniture or building materials into your home. Instead of emptying your wallet […]