Complementary Holistic Therapies

Reversing Diabetes World Summit

Can you imagine what it would feel like to help yourself, mom, dad, husband (or wife) reverse Type 2 diabetes? I can tell you firsthand that it feels pretty amazing. I helped my husband reverse his diagnosis before I knew anything about holistic medicine. His […]

Health Benefits of Earthing

Health Benefits of Earthing

Note from Jennifer: This post comes from contributing writer, Paisley Hansen. She does a great job of bringing to light health practices that are easy, low cost, and can have a significant impact on overall health and chronic symptoms. Earthing, also known as grounding, refers […]

Improve Sleep – and endocrine function – with These Essential Oils

I’m one of those fancy schmancy people who loves the symphony. All of the instruments playing together making beautiful music. Can you imagine if there was a rogue cellist who started playing We Will Rock You in the middle of a Mozart concerto? Chaos. Other […]

Holistic Practice of Forest Bathing Has Surprising Benefits

We All Need a Little Forest Bathing Note from Jennifer: I’m excited to introduce you to our newest contributor at Healing Redefined. Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer who will stop by once a month to share some great new therapy ideas like this one… While you […]

Flower Essences: 7 All-Natural Remedies for Happier Kids (and Parents)

Flower Essences: 7 All-Natural Remedies for Happier Kids (and Parents)

You’re tired. The remains of this morning’s oatmeal is still in your hair. Your tiniest human is teething, and the others need a nap or three. We all love our children, but sometimes we could happily sell them to the nice elderly couple down the […]

How To Get More Sleep Tonight

  Note from Jennifer: Today’s post comes from freelance writer, Jessica Socheski. Sleep is the #1 catalyst to me having a good day or a bad one. My body is just learning to function again, and lack of sleep can send me into a tailspin […]