Heal Cavities With A Grain-Free Diet

Heal Cavities With A Grain-Free Diet

What?! I know! I hear ya. I would have never believed it myself if we weren’t living proof.   Whole Grains Should Be A Staple of A Healthy Diet = False Here’s the short story. The Standard American Diet (SAD) consists of mostly grains, and […]

Homemade All-Purpose Scrub 2.0

What on Earth am I going to do with all that refined salt in my kitchen? In honor of Baby Step to Better Health # 1, I thought I would share my favorite all-purpose scrub so you could find a better use for all that […]

Wading Through the Weeds: Backyard Foraging {Part 1}

St. John’s wort is a wonderful mood booster I figured the ultimate in crunchiness would be to try suburban foraging, so off I went into the wild frontier…or, ahem, my weed-filled lawn. Whether it be edible, medicinal, or ornamental, I was determined to see what […]

How To Be The Worst Gardener Ever and Still Grow Food {Veggie Garden Update}

Oh the hope I was filled with when I dreamt up and planned a vegetable garden. I was sure that by midsummer, I would have a lush garden full of edible abundance. Instead I have some of this going on. 

Small Steps to Sustainability

Confession: I want to live in Little House On the Prairie. Kind of. I want Katie to run through fields, swim in unpolluted streams, and be able to explore and adventure unsupervised until the sun goes down. I want to sit together as a family and read […]