Vegetable Garden Update {Mayday! Mayday!}

We went outside to hang laundry yesterday, and the fresh air inspired me to take pictures for my first veggie garden update. The humble clothesline strikes again. I love that thing! Let me tell you, we have some wonderful readers here at Healing Redefined. I […]

Harvesting and Using Lavender

I feel such a sense of satisfaction from gathering my own lavender. It is the same feeling I get from making a beautiful pot of chicken bone broth, culturing yogurt, or creating a tooth powder recipe. It is learning to be self-sufficient and resourceful. Susy from Chiot’s […]

The Humble Clothesline

Hanging laundry to dry can be a soothing and rewarding task. I follow the FlyLady’s advice and wash a load every day, so hanging a single load to dry is not an overwhelming job. Line-drying clothes is new for me, and I find it gives me a few […]

Beginning of an Organic Heirloom Vegetable Garden {Part 2} – Bad News On the Garden Front

Remember this post about my wonderful organic heirloom garden? It’s just not going to happen this year, and I’m completely heartbroken. Sigh. I had visions of spending tranquil mornings with Katie puttering around the garden and earnestly beginning our homeschooling lessons there. We’ll be working with the […]

A Garden View

In honor of the abundance of color that has recently painted its way across my landscape, I wanted to share a walk through some of the herbs and flowers that grow in my gardens (SE Michigan). We’ll visit the rest of them throughout the summer. […]