I’m A Gardener! {Veggie Garden Update}

It’s official! I am a vegetable gardener. Not necessarily a good one but my gardening guru told me that, if I’m getting food from my plants, I am in fact a gardener. I have learned that some plants are very forgiving no matter your thumb […]

How To Be The Worst Gardener Ever and Still Grow Food {Veggie Garden Update}

Oh the hope I was filled with when I dreamt up and planned a vegetable garden. I was sure that by midsummer, I would have a lush garden full of edible abundance. Instead I have some of this going on.  Jennifer NervoJennifer Nervo is a Nutritional […]

My Homesteading Goals

We are branching beyond REAL FOOD and learning to become self-sufficient suburbanites (we, like there’s a mouse in my pocket). Hubby is happy to let me go about my merry way and enjoys the results of my labors but isn’t very enthusiastic about becoming a […]

Veggie Garden Update {Things Are Looking Up!}

Well, well, well. Do you know what vegetable plants really like? Water. Every morning it seems, Jennifer NervoJennifer Nervo is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Master Practitioner & teacher, and Aromatherapist. Her focus is on digestive, nervous, and immune system dysfunction and the fields of […]

Vegetable Garden Update {Mayday! Mayday!}

We went outside to hang laundry yesterday, and the fresh air inspired me to take pictures for my first veggie garden update. The humble clothesline strikes again. I love that thing! Let me tell you, we have some wonderful readers here at Healing Redefined. I […]

Harvesting and Using Lavender

I feel such a sense of satisfaction from gathering my own lavender. It is the same feeling I get from making a beautiful pot of chicken bone broth, culturing yogurt, or creating a tooth powder recipe. It is learning to be self-sufficient and resourceful. Susy from Chiot’s […]