How To Get the Biggest Health Benefits from Fruits and Veggies

How To Get the Biggest Health Benefits from Fruits and Veggies

Note from Jennifer: Now that most of us are enjoying summer produce, it’s a great time to visit a local farmers’ market or grow your own. Paisley is here to share a little insight into why local is so much better than grocery store organic.

Why You Need to Eat Fruits and Vegetables That Are In Season

By now, everyone has heard of the benefits of eating organic. Pesticides add up when you eat them on a daily basis.

What most people don’t know is that there are far more benefits to eating fruits and vegetables that are in season than just looking for organic.


The Garden Has Been Invaded!

the evidence of my shameful neglect

My poor, poor vegetable garden. It has been taken over by invasive grass and gross neglect.

Chronic fatigue and an overflowing schedule have put a damper on gardening this summer, yet somehow the plants still grow without careful tending.

We had a rare 70 degree day yesterday and took advantage of it by spending an hour weeding and harvesting the rest of the overgrown radishes.

garden partially uncovered


Let’s Get Ready to Gaaaarden!

garden update #1

I’m tellin’ ya, gardening gets me pumped up like I have first row tickets to a de la Hoya fight. Watching garden seeds spring into life is such an adrenaline rush.

I love being a homesteading geek.

Radishes and cucumbers were our first arrivals. They did well in our garden last year, and I can’t wait to see the cucumbers grow like crazy again.


Let’s Plant a Garden!

This is finally my year to plant and harvest a full garden.

Last year was, well, let’s call it a bit of a learning curve. You can read about some of the misadventures and misfits here. I did manage to prove that anyone can grow food though. :snicker:

Today, we planted our first full garden box. I feel such a sense of accomplishment!

Starting with the Base

We started with moving rich dirt and garden-loving earthworms from the compost pile into a raised garden bed.

Katie brought some fancy to the party with her pink flowered shovel.

Let's Plant a Garden!

Prep Work

After gathering the seed packets, I measured out 12 x 12 inch squares in the dirt. I used a level to quickly measure and mark the lines.

It was so efficient that it’s my new favorite bed prep tool.

We’re following the square foot gardening method to minimize weeds and maximize food production.


The Fall Garden Has Begun! {Garden Update}

Our organic heirloom vegetable garden is here!

Baby radishes are the official start to our fall garden. Aren’t they cute little buggers?

The carrot seeds have yet to do anything, but even experienced gardeners have trouble getting them to sprout. I’m going to do some research to see if there’s anything I can do to help them along before we plant the next batch. I want carrots!

Yesterday, Katie and I planted a few lettuce seeds and we’ll start some red cabbage next week. The plantings are all a little random, but beginning gardeners are supposed to have hiccups, right? I have definitely had my fair share this season. […]