Black Friday Sale – 14 Deals Hand-Picked Just for You (from healing help to kitchen tools)

Are you tired of seeing the same sale posted by all your favorite bloggers? This time, I’m doing something a little different.

There’s no bundle, no flashy sale. There’s just some great end-of-year deals at the best prices.

I scoured the crunchy side of the Internet this morning looking for Black Friday sales that fit our niche.

Keeping in mind your love of all things nutritional therapy, how-to help for what to eat, and top-notch DIY projects to get the chemicals out of your house, here are 14 end-of-year deals that I think you will love.

Quick disclaimer: These are my affiliate links (read more about my affiliate policy here).

DIY Organic Beauty RecipesDIY Organic Beauty Recipes is by far the most popular book here at Healing Redefined. It’s filled with 50+ recipes that Heather has hand-tested (and let me tell you, that was a hilarious process).

DIY Organic Beauty Recipes (eBook)

50% OFF with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY

$24.95 $12.48


DIY Non-Toxic Beauty Recipes eBookAnother knock-it-out of the park hit is DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes also by Mommypotamus.

Coincidence? I think not.

You guys know why she’s my favorite blogger, because you’re smart enough to love her just as much as I do.

DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes (eBook)

50% OFF with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY

$24.95 $12.48

You can also get 50% off Nourished Baby.

The Eczema CureEmily of Holistic Squid is an acupuncturist who specialized in healing with nutrition.

Many of my readers have used her advice with great results, especially with children.

I highly recommend getting a copy for yourself or someone you love who is struggling with skin issues and needs to learn to heal from the inside out.

The Eczema Cure (eBook)

50% OFF with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY

$29.95 $14.98

You can also get 50% off Feed Your Fertility, Paleo Meal Plans, and Real Food Meal Plans.

What Can I Eat Now? 30 Days on the GAPS Introduction DietCara from Health, Home, and Happiness is famous for her knowledge of the GAPS Diet.

In her GAPS intro guide, she offers practical advice and walks you through every aspect of the ultra-healing introduction diet.

What Can I Eat Now? 30 Days on the GAPS Introduction Diet (eBook)

50% OFF with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY

$30 $15

A huge variety of her grain-free meal plans are also half off.

The Autoimmune Paleo CookbookAutoimmune Paleo is my newest obsession, err, interest.

I have modified the GAPS Diet for my family and nutritional therapy clients over the years and thought that I created the ultimate version for those with allergies and inflammation…

…apparently some other pretty brilliant people have already done this. Score.

Mickey from Autoimmune Paleo has written a BEAUTIFULLY photographed cookbook that includes a 30-day meal plan (that I’m about to follow) and guide for following the autoimmune Paleo protocol.

Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook (eBook)

30% OFF with coupon code LEFTOVERS

$19 $13.30

The Paleo Survival GuideSylvie of Hollywood Homestead just launched a new book on how to navigate the Paleo Diet. It’s super helpful and BIG on personality.

Even though I’ve been immersed in the Paleo lifestyle for a couple of years now, I was still entertained enough to read the book from cover to cover.

Great, great find for a guide on how to transitional away from a Standard American Diet (SAD) or grain-based diet into a grain-free healing lifestyle.

The Paleo Survival Guide: Getting Started with Paleo

40% OFF with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY

$24.95 $12.48



Extensive research has been done on the dangers of non-stick cookware. This sale gives you every reason to get rid of your old, scratched non-stick pans and safely cook real food meals for your family.

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Stainless 10-Piece Cookware Set

68% off (no coupon required)

$400 $129.95


Those of you who follow me on Facebook know how obsessed I am with my spiralizer. This is the most popular kitchen tool for those of us with kids and all food adventurers.

Play with your food.

Paderno Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer

59% OFF (no coupon required)

$49.88 $20.49

The price on these fluctuates wildly. This is the lowest price I’ve seen yet!

knife set

When I did a giveaway earlier this year for high-quality knives, many of you told me just how much you need new ones.

I bought my dad a Chicago Cutlery knife set with 6 knives three years ago and paid a lot more than this 18-knife set. They were worth every penny.

Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18-Piece Knife Set

56% off (no coupon needed)

$179.99 $79

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