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Things have been very quiet here at 20 something allergies. Hubby was on vacation for a few days, so I announced a short blogging hiatus while I powered through a giant to do list and spent some extra time with my family. And then IT happened…

Little House on the Prairie front view

We are out of power. Four giant thunderstorms ripped through our area and knocked out power for more than 325,000 people in the Detroit metro area. Did I mention there are record temperatures flirting with the triple digits? In humid Michigan? Yick. We are lucky enough to have parents with power. My little family is now ensconced at the nonni’s house for a few days until the electricity is restored at home.

Your Italian lesson for the day: The nonni are my in-laws. Nonni is Italian for grandparents (with the article it is “i nonni”). Separately, nonna is grandma and nonno is grandpa. Any variations you may hear – like noni or nonni for grandma – is usually an American variation.

We failed at Little House.

Katie and I wanted to stay at home even with no TV or air conditioning, but she ended up with a significant fever a couple of nights ago. End play time. We packed up yesterday morning and came here. I was actually looking forward to keeping cool with the kiddie pool, cold baths, and ever-chilly basement. Hand washing our clothes and hanging them on the line to dry would have been an adventure and homeschool lesson. Cooking wasn’t a problem with the grill, gas stove, and abundance of summer produce available. I was even fine with hand washing all the dishes.

English: Pitmedden House museum Early hand-ope...

The summer virus put the kibosh on all of that. Long story short, 20 something allergies will be back online as soon as we’re home and everything is comfortably livable again. I’m looking forward to sharing all of the things bouncing around in my head!

Upcoming posts:

  • foraging in the yard and what to do with your treasures (so far I have found mint, St. John’s Wort, red and white clover, chicory, and a few other fun discoveries)
  • gardening update (we have eaten 3 tomatoes now and the cucumber are going INSANE)
  • budget update (how we just saved an easy $200 a month!)
  • a return to meal planning
  • and maybe my first official homeschooling post (I’m not sure if I can wait until autumn with all of the wonderful lessons that fall in our laps on a daily basis)