A Week of Eating on the GAPS Diet

A Week of Eating on the GAPS Diet

I jotted down what we ate for a couple of days last week to give you a broad idea of what kind of food lines our bellies over here while our diet is restricted.

It’s not a full list, but I made notes when I had the time. My schedule is so full of overflow right now that it’s kinda crazy at this witch doctor’s house.

Katie and I are pretty snacky and have munched on more fruit than usual. It been a great way to keep our energy up while we transition away from starches and grains.



This Week’s Goals

My goals for the coming week are to increase our fat consumption – hemp oil for ALAs, avocado, coconut, and animal fats (duck, lard) – and swap out some of the fruit smoothies with freshly made vegetable juices.

Hubby will be traveling for business for the week, so our schedule and meals will be modified to accommodate one less adult in the house and one extra tired mommy.

I am sending up extra thanks to the food gods for my new prep helper. It’s the only way I’ll be able to survive the week without any convenience or comfort foods.

We’ll be continuing our experiments with this new grain-free baking book too for some fun and yummy treats while Daddy’s gone. Katie and I have been making these coconut flour chai cookies together.

They’re the first egg/egg substitute-free cookie I have found and they are Heavenly.

Coconut Chai Cookies (grain-free, egg-free)(Photo Credit: Lauren Geertsen from Indulge and Heal)

Here’s a peek into what we ate last week on the GAPS Diet:


Breakfast: Apples with ‘dip’ – coconut oil, local honey, raw almond butter [not properly soaked or sprouted], plus cinnamon and unrefined salt for mine

Snack: Smoothie – homemade coconut milk, mango, and local honey; extras for mine – freshly grated turmeric and ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cayenne, and unrefined salt

Lunch: Chili – me; Sardines & lacto-fermented pickles elderberry “juice” – Katie

Snack: Katie: slivered almonds and goji berries

Dinner: Pressure-cooked boneless turkey thigh with sage, sautéed spinach, and thinly sliced radishes in olive oil and unrefined salt


Breakfast: leftover turkey

Snack: Spring Cleansing Tonic, slivered almonds, goji berries, kombucha, lemon juice, elderberry syrup

Snack: juice – carrot, apple, beet

chili – me

dried apricots




Breakfast: Katie – fruit salad (pomegranate seeds, blueberries, pear); me – grape tomatoes with unrefined salt

Snack: spring cleansing tonic; loose hamburger with avocado, olive oil, & unrefined salt; me – extras: cumin & cayenne

Lunch: me – raw cashews, dried persimmons, banana; Katie – banana & dried rose hips  “flower”


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