A Nourished Baby – Why You Need One {and Katie’s Story}

Heather Dessinger, aka the Mommypotamus, is one of my favorite bloggers and has written the most comprehensive book on traditional nutrition for babies available. A Nourished Baby sums up the overall topic but doesn’t convey what the book truly offers.

A Nourished Baby includes information on

      • how to feed children ‘sacred foods’ to prevent and heal cavities, increase intellect, and improve moods (I can back these claims up 100% from my experience)
      • how to decode your cravings while nursing
      • why you should skip grains as a first food and what to feed your baby instead
      • when your child’s picky eating habits could indicate a serious problem and how to fix it
      • more than 30 REAL FOOD recipes good for the entire family

Pop over and check out the information page to see what else is in the book! This post would be way too long if I listed it all here. Heather also offers an 18 page preview, so you can get an idea if ‘A Nourished Baby’ is for you. Seriously, 18 pages. How awesome is that?

I can tell you that my family’s experiences would have been vastly different if I had access to this information before conceiving my daughter.

I was born and lived with undiagnosed food allergies for 33 years, an epic sugar addiction caused by a life-long yeast overgrowth, and a laundry list of other issues that you can read about here. My husband developed type II diabetes and high cholesterol as a young adult and flirted with depression. We both had nutritional deficiencies and had no idea.

Katie was born with food allergies, chemical intolerance, sensitivity to light and noise, and the attachment to mom and dad that only comes with a child that has special needs…OR as the pediatricians called it “crazy baby skin” (pictured below) and a need to cry-it-out. Those doctors were quickly kicked to the curb.

After I fired my nincompoops doctors, I scoured the Internet hoping for answers. Because Katie was exclusively breastfed, I learned to eliminate all foods from my diet that caused her gas, pain, or fractured nerves and sleeplessness. Even with her GI issues under better control, I still couldn’t eliminate the acid reflux or oversensitization.

Ultimately, we went to an allergen-free/gluten-free diet that focused too heavily on processed gluten-free grains. I was so very proud to feed Katie ‘healthy’ lunches like canned organic refried beans (beans and salt only) and raw organic zucchini. If you are thinking along the same lines I was and see a healthy lunch in front of her, you should probably go snatch up a copy of the book right now too.

My beautiful baby girl developed 3 cavities by the age of one and could only have one of them filled because the feel and sound of the drill was pure torture to her. We are now working on healing the other two with a nutrient-dense diet.

After thousands of hours researching healing methods over the last 4 years, we are finally on the right track. We have been on the right healing program since April 2011, and the changes it has brought about bring tears to my eyes.

Katie is now a beautiful 4 year old with a sunny personality, intelligence to best many 5 and 6 year olds, a love of real food, and the patience of a saint. Much of that is due to providing our bodies with the necessary nutrients to heal and properly function. It has made me a better mom and her a GREAT kid!

This could have all been avoided. I cannot say with 100% accuracy that she would have been born without any of these problems, but I truly believe her issues would have been minimal if her and I had been nourished properly.

Mommypotamus has written the most comprehensive book on proper nourishment for babies and moms out there. Her facts are backed up with research and tried and true wisdom of the ages. The chapters are well laid out, very readable, and written as from one parent to another. It is peppered with her usual hilarious, sassy writing style and makes for an easy read even while your head is being shoved full of facts.


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You have no idea how excited I am to be able to offer this book to you. If I seem overly enthusiastic, I am. For good reason. I hope that every person who reads it is spared the endless hours of misery and research that I went through before we found our place with traditional foods, the Weston A. Price Foundation, the GAPS diet, and finally the Primal Template.

Mommypotamus has generously offered a discount to my readers for a limited time! Click here to buy the book and use coupon code SUPERMAMA for 20% off the price of the book! COUPON EXPIRED

If you are thinking of having babies, are pregnant now, have kiddos at home or know someone who does, BUY THIS BOOK! You won’t regret it. If you do, I’ll eat my hat.


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